Daniel Radcliffe fought in a nightclub

Early fame did not benefit the Harry Potter. The burden of fame Daniel Radcliffe suffered more than the rest of the young actors involved in the filming of the expensive franchise. Daniel often falls into the epicenters of all sorts of scandals and scandals. One of the latest adventures of the actor was a fight in a New York nightclub.
Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe at New York Airport.
Photo: Splash news

The piquancy of the story, in which Daniel Radcliffe (Daniel Radcliffe) turned out to be involved, is attached to the fact that he had a fight not with any of the visitors, but with the DJ of the establishment. According to eyewitnesses, the incident occurred quite suddenly. Daniel was sitting at the bar and sipping cocktails based on Jagermeister liqueur, then he decided to order a musical composition to the DJ, seemed to agree with him about the music, but the next moment the young people grappled in a fight. After that, the administration of the institution put Radcliffe out of the club, advising him to go home.

Daniel will have a hard time explaining what happened to the press and fans.An actor who suffers from alcoholism has repeatedly sworn that he almost overcame the pernicious craving for alcohol, and often said that he did not go to nightclubs. Like, such entertainment he does not like. Indeed, judging by his latest campaign in the club, the true Brit Radcliffe prefers boxing to dance. Love for noisy entertainment in the blood of the British, andPrince Harry's scandalous adventureshave become more than that. Although it is possible that Daniel has already learned to provoke the protection and administration of entertainment establishments in the USA, for example,singer Rihanna.

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