Darth Vader appeared in the spin-off of "Star Wars"

On the Net you can watch the latest - the second in a row - the full-length trailer for the movie “Outcast One. Star Wars: Stories from the Godzilla director Gareth Edwards. Spin-off tells about the events that happened in the interval between the third and fourth episodes of the legendary film saga. In the center of the plot is a special rebel detachment led by Jean Erso (Felicity Jones), who decides by all means to get the secret drawings of the Death Stars - the superpower of the Empire, capable of destroying entire planets.

From the trailer it is obvious that on the way to the goal of the heroes, there will be serious resistance. But the biggest surprise for fans was the appearance in the frame of the iconic villain "Star Wars", about which at least once, but even those who have not watched a single episode of a sci-fi film heard, for the Emperor sends the Darth Vader squad to deal with!

"I saw Vader, now it remains to wait for the premiere in December!" - this is what the comments of Star Wars fans look like.

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