Deciphering tests pregnant

Deciphering tests pregnantNot later than the 8th week of pregnancy, a woman should be registered in the clinic. Be prepared for the fact that the first visit will take a lot of time. The doctor will conduct a thorough examination, make the necessary measurements, get the exchange card and, of course, write you directions for tests for pregnant women.

General blood test

Decoding of the analysis of the pregnant woman
Blood should be donated in the morning on an empty stomach, preferably at one time. It is used to determine the Rh factor and blood type of future parents. The mother's body with negative rhesus can produce antibodies, as a result of which a miscarriage can occur, therefore the level of antibodies must be constantly monitored. The general analysis is passed from a finger once a month up to 20 weeks, and after - once every two weeks. It allows you to identify certain diseases in the early stages and makes it possible to control the volume of circulating blood.

General indicators

Hemoglobin (Hb)

The hemoglobin index in a pregnant woman should normally be 120-150.If it is lower, then this can lead to oxygen starvation of the fetus, delayed development of the baby, or complicate postpartum adaptation.

Ht Hematocrit

It is also a significant and very important indicator indicating the degree of anemia. Ideally, it is 35-45.

White blood cells

The acceptable value of leukocytes for any person is 4-9, but in pregnant women, they can be slightly increased and reach up to 10.5, as some immunological changes in cell activity occur to preserve the fetus.


These blood plates are responsible for coagulation. The level of platelets practically does not change and ranges from 180 to 320.


This indicator increases significantly from the moment of conception and reaches the mark of 45, but one should not worry - it's normal.

Biochemical analysis

In more detail, it makes it possible to study changes in the body, control the level of vitamins, characterize carbohydrate, protein, lipid metabolism. Before delivery, you do not need to be nervous, exclude physical exertion, stress, drugs. Conducted on an empty stomach, it is desirable that the dinner was light and not high-calorie. Normally, the results of biochemical blood tests should look something like this:

  • protein 65-85;
  • albumin - 25-50;
  • globulin 35-45;
  • urea - 2.5-8.3;
  • glucose - 3.3-4.4;
  • creatinine - 45-115;
  • cholesterol - 3.3-6.2;
  • sodium, 130-150;
  • potassium - 3.4-5.6;
  • Calcium - 1.15-1.30;
  • iron - 10-30.



Decoding analysis of pregnant
With its help determine the coagulability of the blood. Conduct strictly on an empty stomach three times: at 22 and 30 weeks, then - just before childbirth. The indicators of this study in each trimester change:

Term 1:

Fibrinogen - 2.98

AHT - 39.2

Prothrombin Index - 89.3


Antithrombin - 0.22

2nd trimester:

Fibrinogen - 3.11

AHT - 36.5

Prothrombin Index - 95.4


Antithrombin - 0.17

3 terms:

Fibrinogen - 4.95

AHT - 34.1

Prothrombin Index - 108.8

PDF - 5.7

Antithrombin - 0.15

Identification of infections and pathologies

Deciphering tests pregnant
Since the incubation period of such diseases as AIDS, hepatitis B and C is from 3 to 6 months, the blood test of the infection should be given three times, because at the first or second delivery of the antibody may not yet be determined.
If the expectant mother does not have all three confirmations when she enters the hospital, she is sent to the observational department.
A blood test for the presence of syphilis (RW), which is carried out on the day of registration, and then at the 30th and 36th week of pregnancy is also mandatory.
Regarding smears, when they are registered and before childbirth they analyze the flora, it is also possible to sow vaginal secretions for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. The latter is appointed if necessary.
Any research should be carried out only as prescribed by the attending physician. Depending on the results, some analyzes may be repeated to clarify one diagnosis or another.

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