Decorate a cone with sparkles

A simple way to decorate a cone with sparkles, which will give it a bright, radiant and stunning look. A great way to quickly and easily make a lot of bright and colorful Christmas toys from cones. Also from such shishechek wonderful small fir-trees will turn out, it will be enough to glue a star on the top of the head (you can add some more small ornaments). Using glitter cones is not limited to New Year or Merry Christmas, if you use pink or red glitter, you can paint a house or create a composition for Valentine's Day, as well as many other holidays and celebrations with cones.

Materials and tools:

  1. bumps;
  2. PVA glue;
  3. glitter of the desired color.

Step 1

We take a bump and apply glue abundantly on it, for convenience, you can use a brush.

Then, while the glue is not dry, just sprinkle with sequins (do not regret spangles). Wait until the glue dries.

Everything, a magical and bright bump, decorated with sparkles is ready.

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