Decorating a bottle with colored salt

In order to decorate the interior, create a warm, cozy atmosphere in the house or to please a loved one with an original gift, it is not necessary to buy expensive souvenirs. They can be created independently. Recently, various decorative bottles and jars have become very popular. They are brought from travels or purchased in souvenir shops for very big money. However, to create such beauty yourself is quite realistic. You just need to show imagination and spend some time. Any glass container can be turned into an exclusive thing, decorating it with a cloth, beads, shells, paints, appliqués, etc. You can make a beautiful and original trinket by filling it with tinted salt. For prepare it: • transparent jar; • salt; • colored chalk; • funnel; • sieve; • several small containers.
To create it, cook
To work, take any salt (fine, croup) Noah,sea) and small cups (by the number of chalks). Pour 3-4 tablespoons of salt in a flat plate and rub it with chalk until you get a mixture of the desired shade.  homogeneous mass without lumps

Salt can be painted with a few drops of any dye, dried in an oven or microwave, and then crushed. Crayons can also be turned into powder in various ways: grate on a fine grater or grind in a mortar. The main thing is to get a homogeneous mass without lumps. To do this, sift the chalk into a prepared container.
paint salt
Fill one of the cups with unpainted salt: white color can also be useful. After all the shades have been received, you can go to the creative part of the work.
 paint with different colors
Choose a jar or bottle of clear glass or plastic. It can be of arbitrary shape and have a neck of any diameter. Wash it and dry it.With the help of a funnel, start filling the salt in the jar so that beautiful waves or even strips turn out.
 fall asleep in a bottle
In the center you can pour ordinary unpainted salt, and for an interesting pattern, slightly tilt the jar in the right direction, correct the drawing with a sharp stick or move the funnel nose to the desired point. The sequence of arrangement of color layers can be arbitrary - it all depends on your imagination and taste. From time to time it is necessary to knock lightly on the table with a bottle so that the salt lays more densely. So fill the container to the top, again tamp its contents, add more salt and tightly close the lid. It remains to decorate the jar. For this fit beads, ribbons, ropes, bright shreds of cloth or paper from flowers. Cut a circle of the desired diameter from a suitable material. Wrap it around the lid and fix it with an elastic band or thread. On the top decorate to your taste with the available decorations.  decorating You can put such an original jar on the shelf next to spices or on a window sill with flowers.If desired, it is possible to make real paintings from a bank of colored salt. To do this, use sharp sticks, which are mixed together already poured layers and give them the desired shape.
 bottle of colored salt

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