Decorating the mirror from the box

More than once I encountered a problem when the blush or powder ran out, I had to throw the package along with the mirror. But recently, I lost my favorite mirror and I had a great idea - to make an old one in order to make a new one! And now you will learn how to do it. For a master class we will need: cotton 100%; cardboard (2 mm); hot melt glue gun; PVA glue; scissors; brush; pencil; whatman; compass; ruler; mirror.
us will need
So, we got a mirror from the package. If you still do not get it, then you should make an effort. Use pliers, breaking off plastic edges or hitting something. Just do not damage the mirror. No matter what form it is. Outline it on cardboard with a pencil. Draw a circle around it evenly with a compass so that there are 0.5 cm indents (if the mirror is round, then 1 cm). Cut out the blank and circle it four more times. Cut out all the other circles. Three solid set aside. The remaining two need to make holes.On one of them you need to circle the mirror again. In this part, we will insert a mirror to keep it stronger. On the other, circle and draw the same oval, the diameter of which will be a few millimeters less (it depends on the size of your mirror). You can draw by hand.
 draw by hand
We will make the foundation. Take two whole circles. Cut out the fabric, which was prepared for the front side in size with allowances of 0.5 cm. Apply glue to the circles with a brush and glue them to the fabric. Smooth the surface to avoid folds. Make cuts of fabric around the entire circumference to glue without unnecessary accumulation of fabric. We glue them in a circle with a good leveling fabric.
 We will make the base
Cut off the satin ribbon 3 cm wide and glue it with the glue gun on both parts, leaving it between they distance up to 1 cm.
 Cut the satin ribbon
Now let's make a part with a mirror. Take the workpiece, which with a smaller oval. It will be a frame for a mirror.We glue it to the fabric in the same way as the previous blanks, just by making another hole and allowances inside. We seal only the inside.
 decorate the part with a mirror
Glue the last blank with an oval that fits the size of the mirror. Put the glue on the edges of the mirror and insert it into the hole in the cardboard that you just stuck.
 We glue the last billet
We glue the outer seals and glue, tightly pressing on several seconds, a blank with a mirror to either side.
 We seal the outer allowances
Paste the last one-piece agotovku cloth and make a small pocket. On the one hand, we glue the allowances, and on the other hand, we glue them to the round remaining workpiece.
 Paste the last solid blank
Glue the part with the pocket to free base.
 Glue the part with a pocket
We got such a mirror. Now you are sure that the mirror can be given a second chance. A pocket mirror and fits easily into small handbags and pockets. And most importantly, you can hide something valuable and important in it, and when you look in the mirror again, think about it.
 we got a mirror
Decorating a mirror from a powder
 Decorating a Powder Mirror

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