Wire Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Wire Trees. We make a beautiful and simple tree of wire and tissue paper.

Materials and tools:

  1. wire (wire for making jewelry);
  2. tissue paper (or other);
  3. punch shaped sheet (or scissors);
  4. wooden base;
  5. drill;
  6. glue or hot glue gun.

Step 1

Take a wooden base and use a thin drill to drill 5 through holes.

Step 2

The tissue paper (or similar thin paper) is folded in several layers. Using a hole punch, we will make leaves for the tree. If there is no such punch, then we cut out paper sheets with scissors.

Step 3

We proceed directly to the manufacture of wood. We cut the wire into pieces, we will pass into the holes (in one hole, about 2-3 pieces of wire). Then we twist the trunk, and we twist the free ends - they will be branches.

Step 4

We attach previously cut leaves to the branches. Bend the branches of a tree so that it looks more beautiful. The tree can be further decorated to your taste.A wire treeis ready.

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