Delightful dresses for nikah

Nika is a beautiful and well thought out ritual. And special attention should be paid to choosing a dress.

What is nikah?

Nika is a Muslim wedding. In fact, this is a wedding, but conducted according to all the canons and rules of Islam. And that the marriage was legal, it is necessary to observe all traditions. So, important is the choice of attire for the bride.

What should be the dress?

Islam does not accept vulgarity and, according to this belief, a woman should be wise, immaculate, pure and elegant. An outfit for nikah must meet all these requirements:

  • First, he must be modest and restrained. No frank and bright details, all this is not approved.
  • Secondly, the dress should be feminine and elegant, because the bride, among other things, must show the groom that she is trying to be for him the best and beautiful.
  • Thirdly, the outfit should be comfortable, since the girl will have to spend the whole day in it and at the same time actively move and remain irresistible.

How to make the right choice?

How to choose a dress for nikah?


All beautiful Muslim dresses for nikah are distinguished by severity, modesty and feminine beauty, so elegant and laconic styles are welcome. The ideal option would be a slightly fitted dress that will emphasize femininity and at the same time hide all unnecessary.

You can choose an A-line model. Corset dresses, usual for many, will not work, as well as such bright and original styles as “fish” or “mermaid”. Too magnificent dress in a ball style will also be inappropriate, Islam does not welcome pretentiousness. But a slightly lush hem may very well be, but not excessively.

The important role played by the length. According to the rules and traditions of Islam, the body of a woman should be completely closed, so that all dresses for Nikah are long, cover all legs and practically reach to the floor.

Not only the legs, but also everything else, namely the hands and the décolleté area, are not shown to others. Therefore, the dress should be completely closed and have long sleeves. Even a shallow neckline is unacceptable. Some models have a cutout under the throat or throat, completely covering the neck.


The colors can be very different, because nikah is a big celebration on which the bride can and should stand out. Gentle pastel colors such as peach, beige, soft blue, light pink, lilac are welcomed.

Also quite bright shades are allowed: green, mint, pink and some others. You can choose a rich color, for example, purple, blue or burgundy. Suit classic white. But it is better to refuse too dark, unusual and so-called “acid” tones.


If the style should be simple, the fabric can be unusual and chic. But in any case they should not shine through, so thick materials are used for sewing dresses. But the choice is quite large: silk, satin, taffeta, satin, jacquard. Suppose a lightweight chiffon, but only opaque. Guipure is also allowed, but its base must be dense and not translucent. Guipure on satin or silk, on cotton or satin.


The decor should be quite modest, but feminine. A bright accent can be a dress belt decorated with lace, beads or beads. Lace can also be used to decorate the hem or sleeves.And too flashy jewelry, such as rhinestones, sequins and stones, is unacceptable.

Alternative to dress

Instead of a dress, you can purchase a beautiful costume consisting of a long skirt and a fully closed long-sleeved blouse. It is desirable that both parts of this kit were made of the same material and in the same color, it looks especially elegant. But the top may be different and be lighter than the bottom. An interesting option would be a costume consisting of a white blouse and a long skirt of a noble color. In the photo this outfit looks elegant and strictly.

There is another alternative: a tunic and pants. Trousers usually have the simplest style, and the tunic should completely cover the buttocks and part of the hips. But she can almost reach her knees or even close them. Top may differ from bottom in color. Most often it is darker.


Headgear is an integral part of the dress, so his choice should be approached no less responsibly than the choice of dress. It should cover not only the whole head, but also the shoulders and the neckline, since all these parts are accessible only to the groom and only at home.

Scarves are traditionally used, but they are tied in a special way, creating whole multi-layered masterpieces on the bride's head. Of course, you can choose the easiest way, then the headdress will look modest and usual.

If the bride wants to make the image elegant and oriental chic, but does not know how to tie a scarf in an unusual and beautiful way, you can buy a ready-made, tied in a certain way and fixed hijab. It can be decorated with stones, beads, rhinestones, beads or brooch.

If you want to create the perfect image, then buy a set consisting of a dress and hijab, made in the same style and from one material. The headdress can be completely consistent with the color of the dress, and differ from it, emphasizing and shading the dress.

Choose an elegant and modest dress and become the most beautiful bride!

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