How to deprive a father of parental rights?

Deprivation of father’s parental rights

Deprivation of parental rights of the father is a very crucial step that requires a competent approach, because it will take a lot of effort. This is due to the fact that it will not be possible to deprive a parent of the right to raise a child. This business is not limited to the mere desire of the mother. To deprive a father of parental rights, you will need to provide the court with a strong case. According to the current legislation, such justifications include: evasion of one of the parents from performing their duties, in particular failure to pay child support, as well as refusal, without good reason, to take their child away from medical or educational institutions, child abuse, abuse of their parental rights. It should be said that this list also includes: chronic alcoholism or drug addiction, which a father may suffer, as well as an intentional crime against the life and health of his own children.

It must be said that the deprivation of one of the parents of parental rights is carried out only in court. No one other than the court can deprive the father of parental rights. At the same time, a case is considered on depriving a father of parental rights at the request of the mother. However, before filing an application with the court, you must contact the guardianship authorities for help. Representatives of the guardianship bodies will later appear in court as your allies (as the 3rd person). Also in the consideration of the case will be the prosecutor, who will monitor the legality of the charges.

If the court accepted your demands, and then the decision to deprive the father of parental rights, then the issue of the recovery of alimony is decided.

After 3 days after the court announced the verdict on depriving the father of parental rights, the relevant information about this is transmitted to the registry office, where an entry is made in the documents.

Despite the fact that all the above procedures do not seem complicated, cases of deprivation of parental rights are not so easily resolved. This is due to the fact that even before submitting an application to the court it is necessary to prepare a competent accusation on your part.That is why the help of a professional lawyer in this matter will not be superfluous.

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