Diagnosis of diseases on the fly in the language

The language of a healthy person has a pale pink color, moist, without any bloom and with a moderate number of papillae. But finding an absolutely healthy person with an “ideal” language is quite difficult. The location of the plaque in the human language can be judged on the presence of a particular disease.

Raid on the middle third of the tongue

As a rule, it is associated with a disease of the gastrointestinal tract. Perhaps this gives to know about a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer. It can also speak about the initial form of gastritis.

Raid on the edges of the tongue

Often speaks of diseases in the respiratory system. Most often, the reason lies in the development of chronic diseases such as the initial stage of lung enthema or bronchitis.

Raid on the edges of the back third

When such a raid occurs, pay attention to your kidneys. It is necessary to pass a urine test for the presence of traces of protein and red blood cells.

Flying all over the tongue

Most likely these are diseases of the oral cavity itself. This may be a fungal infection such as candidiasis. Such plaque can cause long-term antibiotics.

Plaque consisting of red and white spots

This may be a manifestation of a disease such as scarlet fever.

Yellowish tint

Such plaque is characteristic for the development of such diseases as hepatitis or cholecystitis. Also remember if you had any discomfort in the right hypochondrium. Such symptoms, in combination with a yellow bloom on the tongue, indicate a stone formation in the gallbladder.

Immediate plaque and dry tongue

If you observe similar manifestations, then, most likely, this indicates a high degree of dehydration.

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