Disadvantages and advantages of dolphin therapy

A dolphin is, without any exaggeration, a unique creation of nature, whose vital activity is shrouded in many mysteries and secrets, despite the fact that their abilities have long been under the scrutiny of scientists.

You may not have guessed, but these warm-blooded mammals have a lot in common with humans: they, like us, cannot do without oxygen, have a four-chamber heart and can even recognize themselves in a mirror.

Kids are delighted with them

There are legends about their intellectual abilities: according to the research of scientists, it was established that in terms of intelligence dolphins are inferior only to humans! In third place are elephants and only in fourth - monkeys!

In addition, dolphins are very kind and sympathetic creatures, their mutual help and even self-sacrifice, which they can go for the sake of the fellows, will not leave anyone indifferent. They are always open to communication and are happy to help not only their fellows, but also other biological species, in this case, people.

You, probably, will be surprised, how all these features can be connected with ability of dolphins to cure sick people? It turns out that the connection does exist, though not fully understood, these amazing creatures still hold a huge number of mysteries.

The science that deals with the treatment of various diseases with the help of dolphins did not arise from scratch; it is probably silly to ignore numerous studies and real facts confirming the effectiveness of this method.

What is it and how does it work?

Dolphin therapy, as a scientific term, was first used by the English marine biologist, David Nathanson. It was he who first began to conduct dolphin communication sessions with a man, as a result of which he came to the conclusion: when communicating with such an animal, the patient's nervous system decreases, and the whole organism relaxes.


Already today it is known that dolphins are capable of making sounds at ultrasound frequencies that are not perceived by human ears, but they help them search for food, examine the situation and underwater objects.

In addition, these amazing animals are able to communicate with each other, contact each other by name, for which there are about 180 different whistles in their arsenal!

It is these whistlers and ultrasonic signals that have healing power, under their influence cell permeability improves and fluid circulation accelerates, all metabolic processes are activated.

Scientific methods have established that direct communication with dolphins favorably affects the formation of endorphins and sex hormones, as a result of which the entire energy system of the human body is activated and activated.

As a result of such an unusual communication, a person instantly improves mood, wakes up interest in the world and living beings, there is a desire to make friends with such good-natured and amazing animals, which is very useful for closed and mentally retarded children.

Indications for dolphin therapy

This method of treatment is used to solve a variety of health problems, both physical and psychological, especially for children and adolescents.Usually, when problems with the psyche of the doctor prescribe medication, they, of course, can not be neglected, but try something non-standard after all, especially since the benefits of dolphin therapy are the most, that neither is, real.

It gives a good effect.

During communication with dolphins, nothing is required from the child himself, the smiling "doctor" himself will tell you how to behave and what he wants at the moment. It is worth noting that dolphins love to play with children, but at the same time, they necessarily require a response, thereby involving the baby in the game.

It is thanks to such communication skills, unusual for ordinary animals, that dolphins are a very interesting object of study, they are actively used in their practice by neuropathologists, psychotherapists and psychologists to correct the condition of a sick person. Indications for the use of dolphin therapy can be:

  • in order to adjust the mental development of the child;
  • with deep depression, neurosis, as well as people who have recently experienced serious stressful shocks;
  • Cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, as well as other childhood pathologies;
  • removal of nervous tics, spasms and involuntary movements;
  • for people with hearing and speech problems, as well as children with mental development problems;
  • post-traumatic nervous disorders;
  • nicotine, alcoholic and other types of addictions.

In adolescents who suffer from a violation of physiological functions (stammering, fears, enuresis, etc.) associated with neuroses, after a few sessions partial recovery is observed, and after a long treatment a complete cure is possible.

Children who have developmental difficulties, after swimming with dolphins, increase learning ability by several times, manifestations of autism decrease.

Also, experts noted that after the dolphin therapy, the mechanisms of mental activity are normalized, nervous stresses are removed, a strong relaxing effect is observed, a person is better able to talk, it is easier to make decisions and feel more at ease in society.

Everywhere has its drawbacks

Despite all the advantages of such therapy, it is important to properly understand its features, to make sure that dolphin therapy is not capable of harming you or your child!

Brilliant creatures

Contraindications are acute infectious diseases, cancer problems and epilepsy. Some experts oppose such methods of treatment, since the high similarity between a human and a dolphin works not only for good, but also for harm: some diseases are similar and can be transmitted by contact, for example, candidiasis or staphylococcus.

You should also be very careful when choosing a dolphinarium where the treatment sessions will take place, because while communicating with a dolphin, a person is immersed in the same water along with an animal, which can be heavily contaminated with its waste products.

In order not to be confused, before you negotiate sessions, be sure to check the availability of permits, inspect the general state of the pool and animals, and carefully study the dolphinarium’s reputation.

What you need to know, going to the dolphinarium?

  • Dolphin therapy is not a panacea for all diseases, it is just one of the methods of alternative medicine that can be combined with the main treatment.
  • Before the first session, it is necessary to visit a psychologist who is assigned to this dolphinarium, he will choose a dolphin according to his character and prescribe the duration of the course of treatment.
  • Sometimes 2-3 sessions are enough, and sometimes treatment can last several months, 4-5 sessions per week, everything will depend on the complexity of the particular case.
  • Be sure to check out the price list in advance, because dolphin therapy is not a cheap pleasure, but there will be little use from an interrupted course.
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