DIY Bracelet

Today, we will try to make an original bracelet made of birch bark, or rather, we will make it necessarily. This bracelet will look good on an elegant wrist, since it is made of natural wood, which gives it a certain significance.

There are two possible ways of braiding birchbark bracelets.

The first option

Cut a strip of 44 cm long and 1 cm wide from the cleaned bark. The bark should be about one millimeter thick. Roll it twice into a ring. Glue the tips with glue moment.

The second option

Cut a strip 22 cm long and 1 cm wide. Bend it into a ring and glue the ends together. The strip should be two roses thicker than in the previous version.

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The first option is preferable, since the ring turns out to be more accurate, And also when you wrap the workpiece of the bracelet with thin birch bark strips, their tips are easier to hide between the layers of the ring.

Cut strips for winding a bracelet from a thinner layer of bark. Their width is 0.4-0.5 cm. You will also need a narrow strip of birch bark, which you will pass through the winding (Fig. A).

When the process of winding the bracelet is finished, cut two more strips to decorate the bracelet with a width of 0.3 cm. You can use bark of a different tone to make the pattern more expressive. First, pull one strip (Figure B), and then the second (Figure B).

At the beginning and end of weaving, lightly glue all the strips with glue Moment.

If you prefer, you can make the bracelet a little wider.

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