Do-It-Yourself Christmas Card

How nice on New Year's Eve to please loved ones with gifts. I want to propose the idea of ​​an original greeting card - a folder. This wonderful gift can be prepared with the children, and then everyone will write wishes for a greeting speech - a toast for reading at the holiday table.
 New Year's card
To make a New Year's card you will need:
For making cards
1. Thick A4-sized cardboard, you need to cut out two sheets from a cardboard box. 2. A piece of cloth. 3. Satin ribbon in green. 4. Satin ribbon color. The color of the tape should be in harmony with the selected fabric. 5. Lace Ribbon 6. Needle, thread, scissors. 7. Old New Year's congratulatory package. 8. Small colored buttons to decorate the Christmas tree. 9. Glue. 10. Iron. Cut out a piece of material of a suitable size. To do this, apply cardboard sheets to the fabric, taking into account the indentation, the side and top - the lower 5 cm, and between the sheets - 3 cm. Surplus fabrics are cut off.
We bend cloth
We bend the fabric, doing something like a cover, take a couple of stitches. Then iron with an iron, to fix the place of the fold.
 two pieces of colored satin ribbon
Insert cardboard sheets into a woven cover. Now we need two pieces of color satin ribbon and lace ribbon 40cm each. They are necessary for decorating the front side of the postcard. Fix the tape on the inner surface of the postcard. Tapes should be placed in such a way that the central part remains free.
 The longest segment
The next step will be the preparation of segments of green satin ribbon for making Christmas trees.The longest segment is 45 - 50 cm, and each subsequent segment is 10 cm less, there should be 5 segments in total.
 The longest segment
We start to make the Christmas tree harvesting . We skip the thread through the entire tape and collect it in an accordion. So we do it with four ribbons, and the smallest one needs to be folded with a triangle - this will be the top of the Christmas tree. Cut the holiday package, we will need only one side.
Cut the holiday package
Paste the New Year's reproduction inside the postcard, closing all edges.

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