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First of all, you need to clearly understand the purpose of the blind area. This part of the building is made to protect the foundation from water stagnation. In other words, the blind area diverts water further from the walls and foundation of the building. In addition, the blind area is also used as a ground covering around the perimeter of the building, simply as a walkway. Its width is on average equal to a meter. Sometimes they do it already, but it's not worth doing less than half a meter. Let the blind area be wider, it will be better.

Let's start the technology. Land can not dig, as there is no need to drown the blind area. But be sure to ground, if it is loose, you need to compact it. To do this, use a manual rammer, vibrating plate, if available, or just a heavy object like a stump. In this case, we will make revenge from concrete. If you want to use sand, asphalt or crushed stone instead of concrete, then you will need heavy plate compactors.

After preparing the base, you can lay, with overlap on the wall, roofing felt, or other water and moisture insulating material.

Then proceed to the reinforcement. The fact is that concrete works well only in compression, and it works very badly in bending. In this regard, all structures experiencing bending stress are reinforced, in which case the reinforcement inside the concrete takes on the load. We use reinforcement with a diameter of 8 - 10 mm. We put it along the walls of the house. The edges of the armature are put overlap, but not end-to-end, and the overlap should be at least thirty centimeters. After that we put short transverse bars of reinforcement. It is recommended to drill a hole in the foundation and insert the ends of transverse reinforcement into them. In order that the fittings do not disperse when poured with concrete, we connect the intersections with wire. The edges of the reinforcement do not protrude beyond the blind area!

After the reinforcement, we prepare the formwork. It's very simple. We use any smooth boards. We put them on the edge along the edge of the future blind area, measuring its width from the wall of the house, and fix it on the other side with rebars.

Concrete is prepared at the rate of 1: 3: 5. Where is one piece of cement, three parts of sand and five pieces of rubble. Crushed stone is added necessarily! We add enough water so that the concrete is not very liquid, but it is also convenient for work. We pour concrete into the formwork and level it with a trowel and a half-liner.To control the plane you can pull the cord.

After the concrete has completely set, which usually takes several days, we remove the formwork. The blind area is ready.

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