Do-It-Yourself Massage Mat

As is well known, the children's organism very well perceives any effects on it. Therefore, the sooner the child begins to develop, the more fruitful the process will be. A massage mat for the baby’s feet will allow for a mechanical effect on the sole of the baby’s feet. This is a flatfoot prevention. It also improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, the general physiological and psychological state of the children's body. Only massage mats are not so cheap. However, they can be made independently. To make a massage mat for a child, you will need the following things: 1. Cut thick fabric. but do not forget that this is still a children's rug, so the fabric is best to choose a bright color or with an interesting pattern.
baby massage mat
2. Super glue. It is much more convenient than PVA glue, and the result will be more durable. But, of course, and super glue is different.The most preferred is not a disposable bottle, but a large one. First, it will last longer. Secondly, it is most convenient to use.
3. And the caps from plastic bottles of lemonade. Photo 3 You can also use the lids of the boxes of milk and yogurt, and other dairy products. And also from under drinks, like, "actimel" or "immunel". Some of them also have internal vertical inserts; this makes the use of the pad even more efficient. And the height of the caps is different, which is necessary for a good impact on the foot.
The manufacturing process. The manufacturing process of such a rug is quite simple. You should iron the prepared fabric, so then it will be impossible to do this. Carefully wash the prepared caps so that they are absolutely clean. After all, the mat is made for the child. The caps should be glued onto the fabric with a convex side. This is necessary so that the thin walls of the lid act on the nerve endings located on the foot of the children's leg. You can glue the caps on a pre-designed pattern.At the same time, it is worth carefully distributing colors so that the caps of the same color are not in the same place.
 bottle caps
Having plastered the surface of the cap with glue, you should immediately put it on fabric so it stuck. This should be done with each cap. When all the caps are glued to the fabric, the massage mat will be ready.
In addition to the covers, you can use buttons. But then the cost of the rug will be somewhat more expensive. And so with minimal cost turned out beautiful and comfortable massage mat for a child.
 baby massage mat

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