Do I need a seal to an individual entrepreneur

To obtain a seal, you need permission from local authorities or a license to carry out the chosen activity. And for this, in turn, requires such documents as the TIN certificate, certificate of state. registration, conclusion of SES of compliance of the premises selected for the activity with sanitary standards, documents for the lease of space or the right of ownership by it, conclusion of fire supervision of compliance of fire prevention measures, an agreement on garbage collection. Only after that you can start an entrepreneurial activity, since the opening phase of the IP will be passed.
When opening the IP, the question often arises - does a businessman need a seal? After all, its presence is an inseparable part of every legal activity in our country, which is clearly spelled out in the legislation. This rule applies to any kind of stamps and seals.But in the legislation on individual entrepreneurship it is stated that when opening the IP and carrying out activities, the seal is not obligatory. But still it is better to buy, because the presence has a number of advantages. Printing will be an additional protection for documents, since signatures are often not enough to prevent forgery. Also a number of banks when opening current accounts requires printing. And one more plus - it gives the entrepreneur more solidity. The downsides to using print is much less. There are only two of them - it will have to be put on absolutely all documents, so it should always be there and change every few years.
Nowadays it is not difficult to purchase stamps and seals - they are made in any printing house. Moreover, the manufacture is not a very expensive process. Two types of printing are being developed - simple ones with a plastic base and automatic ones with a plastic or metal base. Most often stamps with a metal base are used to make an impression. In addition, the seal can do with protection against forgery, but then the cost of manufacture increases significantly.

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