Dream business: how to become a designer of clothes and accessories

The idea to establish a brand of shoes Mad Daisy Moscow came to two sisters - Natalia and Margarita: “Like all girls, we love to walk in heels. Rather, not so. We love the way we look when on heels. But the whole day to walk in such shoes is a real torture: by the middle of the day my legs begin to whine, I want to change into sneakers or ballet flats. And once we decided to try to make shoes to order. For myself. They thought of everything: a comfortable shoe, and an interesting design, they chose the best natural materials. In the end, we got the perfect pair. These kind of dream shoes, in which you can run on business for at least ten hours in a row and not experience discomfort. Girlfriends, and just friends, began to be keenly interested in what kind of brand it is. That's how the decision came to establish its own brand.

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