Duck trolley made of felt

You will need
  • - felt of different colors;
  • - beads of black and red color (2 pieces each);
  • - 4 things. buttons;
  • - Sintepukh (holofiber);
  • - cardboard;
  • - floss in the tone of the main felt.
Draw the patterns of a duck about 10 cm in size, cut out the trunk with the head (main part) from felt - 2 pieces, beak - 2 pieces, wing - 4 pieces (2 pieces smaller).
Sew the base by connecting two body parts together with a scalloped seam. Stitch manually with floss threads in 3 additions. Leave a non-wired area in order to be able to fill the workpiece with synthetic gas. Stuff the torso with filler and sew up, continuing the scalloped seam.
Sew the wing, decorating it: the detail of the wing of a small size to impose on a large and sew by hand floss in 3 addition. Pre-insert inside the small wing of sintepukh to create volume. Treat the large wing along the edge with a scalloped seam. Similarly sew the second wing.
Attach the wings in a hinged way so that they can move. To do this, it is necessary to make a hole in the wing blank and sew it to the body, placing beads on both sides of the wing. Make a knot inside under the wing and fasten it with �Moment� glue so that it will not be untied.
Make eyes and beak: eyes - black beads sew through and at the same time with the same thread embroidery cilia, and beak - from red felt sew with red thread with scalloped seam.
To make a cart, glue together three strips of cardboard (6 * 3 cm in size) and sheathe felt. Sew a duck to the cart, and to the cart, in turn, buttons-wheels.

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