Effective exercises for the oblique abdominal muscles

Practically every girl has dreamed of a beautiful and flat tummy more than once in her life. A tight and strong belly, can only be achieved with a well-trained press. But many who tried to bring their belly in order, stopped earlier than they could achieve some results. And this is no accident.

The abdominal muscles are not one, but a whole group that requires a set of exercises, only then the effect will be global, and will not affect only certain parts of the abdomen. Exercises on the oblique abdominal muscles occupy a separate and very important position in this complex.

Strong abdominal muscles are needed not only to have a taut and beautiful belly, but rather, it acts as a consequence. Inflated abdominal muscles protect internal organs from all kinds of injuries, and athletes who are engaged in weight lifting, weight lifting in squats, various types of traction, abdominal muscles are simply necessary to protect the psoas muscle and vertebral discs from displacement and other injuries.

A big mistake is when novice athletes perform sets of exercises on different muscle groups, forgetting to work out the press, believing that it is not so necessary. Such errors result in injuries when trying to work with a heavy weight.

The oblique abdominal muscles are external and internal, they are responsible for turning the torso and straightening when the torso is tilted. If you want to have a thin and beautiful waist, then the study of the oblique abdominal muscles can help you with this.

To keep the abdominal muscles in good shape, it will be sufficient to pump the press daily, and not more than 20-30 times a day. This will allow to have prepared muscles, but not a clear relief of worked muscles. In order to achieve such results, it is necessary not only to keep the press in tone, but also to burn all the excess fat that is accumulating around it.

If you want to achieve visible and clear results, then you need to practice almost every day, only 3-4 approaches for each muscle group, while repetitions in each approach should be 15 to 50 times, it all depends on the level of training.

So, as you can see, one desire in such a difficult task will not be enough; it is necessary to work long and hard on oblique muscles.Another fact is that the older you get, the more difficult it is to pump this muscle, all this is directly related to the decrease in the rate of metabolism.


To bring the oblique abdominal muscles into perfect shape, there is no need to invent any super-complex exercises. There are two most effective exercises with the help of which it is very easy to pump the oblique muscles of the press. However, it is better for girls to be careful, as they lead to an increase in muscle mass on the sides, which contributes to an increase in the waist.

Exercise 1.It is necessary to stand up straight, legs slightly bent, back is even. Tilt from side to side with dumbbells in each hand. Performed 3 sets of 30 times. Beginners can perform dumbbell-less inclinations.

Exercise 2.You must lie on your side, bend your legs slightly. With one hand resting on the elbow, the other to get the neck. The body bends, aiming at the hip with the elbow, which must be fixed in one position - the hand behind the neck, the elbow to the side.

The next set of exercises is recommended for women and girls who do not need muscle mass on their sides.

Exercise 1. We become straight, legs wider than shoulders, hands behind head, knees slightly bent. Bending to the left and right, make sure that the body and the pelvis at the same time were fixed. 3 sets of 25 times.

Exercise 2. Exercise is best done at a fast pace. We start the left leg behind the right one, at the same time we stretch the left arm up, after which the same arm is pulled to the right, we make a change of hands and feet for the other side. Alternately, we perform 3 approaches 40 times each.

Exercise 3.Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees at an angle of 90 °. We tear off the scapula from the floor, stretch to the first count with the left hand to the left foot, the next - with the right hand to the right leg, and so repeat 30 times 3 approaches.

To perform the following exercises, it is better to use fitball - a gymnastic ball, which increases the effectiveness of exercises on the obliques.

With fitball

Exercise 1. We get back to the starting position - we lay down on our back, we lift our legs up at a 90 ° angle, our arms along the body. Fitball squeeze between the legs at the stop level. The pelvis is lifted with a turn to the left and right. Run 3 approaches 20 times on each side.

Exercise 2. This exercise is effective not only for the oblique abdominal muscles, but also for the rectus muscle. Sit on the fitball, stops are on the floor, knees bend. Move your legs so that your back is on the fitball, and your knees are bent at a 90 ° angle. Place your left hand on the back of the head, begin to raise the buttocks up, then draw your belly in strongly and lift the upper part of the body, then turn your left shoulder to the right. Do exactly the same for the other side. 3 approaches will be enough 15 times.

Exercise 3. In the initial position - lying on the floor, bend and spread your legs, fix the fitball between the ankles and the inner surface of the thighs, and then begin to bend the torso, trying to reach the left and right foot alternately. Perform 3 sets of 30 times.

What else do you need to know?

Do not forget that before embarking on strength training, it is imperative that you warm up your entire body and stretch your muscles, which is achieved through a little warm-up. Light jogging or warm-up on a stationary bike will be enough. Remember that the workout is successful, you must not eat 2 hours before the workout, but do not overdo it, the feeling of hunger should not haunt you the whole workout.

How to pump the lateral muscles of the press? We hope that we have shed a little light on this exciting question. Do not forget that it is the oblique muscles that will help to draw beautiful outlines of the sexual tummy, the main thing do not forget to alternate exercises with proper nutrition.

By the way, remember that oblique abdominal muscles participate little in the process of human life, so they will be very tired with a large number of repetitions. Do not worry, this is normal! The main thing is not to back down and then everything will work out!

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