Exercises with dumbbells at home

Dumbbell exercises

Dumbbell exercises

Dumbbells are the most affordable, convenient and effective auxiliary device for performing exercises on almost all muscle groups. The main advantages of these sports equipment is that they are very convenient to do both in the gym and independently at home, as well as the fact that they are quite compact compared to, for example, with exercise equipment or a barbell, for which in any case it is necessary to allocate quite a lot of space. Therefore, the acquisition of dumbbells is a great solution in the event that you for some reason can not or do not want to go to the gym and got ready to do your figure at home.

Exercises with dumbbells can be performed both for guys and girls, starting from the age of eight until old age. At the bottom of the article there are detailed video tutorials.


Types of exercises with dumbbells



Exercises with dumbells there is a lot.They can be divided into complexes and into different groups depending on:

  • groups of muscles to which the effect is directed.
  • the number of used dumbbells. These can be exercises with 1 dumbbell or with 2 dumbbells.
  • starting position: standing, lying or sitting.
  • sex engaged: for guys and girls.
  • method of impact and the expected effect: power, general development, for weight loss.


Exercises with dumbbells for men and for guys



For all men who want to pump up quickly and give a beautiful shape to their muscles a rather effective way is to exercise with dumbbells. The great advantage of such activities is that as a result of their regular performance, dexterity, endurance, strength are developed, and the general well-being of a person improves. But this is only if you strictly follow the rules for performing such training. In order to improve the shape of the figure as a whole and keep all muscles in tone, it is necessary to perform a whole set of exercises with dumbbells at home.


Dumbbell exercises for men

Dumbbell exercises for men


The basic exercises with dumbbells for guys and men are aimed at the following muscle groups:


  1. Various muscles of the arms.
  2. Pectoral muscles.
  3. Muscles of back and neck.
  4. Abdominal muscles.
  5. Leg muscles.


For hands there is a whole group of exercises:


1. Triceps exercises with dumbbells. The triceps are located between the ulna and brachial muscles and with an increase in their shape, the emphasis on the arms and their strength is immediately created visually. Consider a few effective exercises:


  • In a standing position, feet shoulder-width apart. Hands with dumbbells first rise up, then slowly bend at the elbows, so that the elbows look to the sides. The exercise is performed in 4 sets 10 times. It can also be performed by alternately raising one or the other arm. Raising dumbbells is done on the exhale.
  • To adopt the initial position, the body must be tilted forward so that it is perpendicular to the legs, and the arms bent at the elbows with dumbbells are pressed against the sides. When exhaling, the arms unbend in the elbows.
  • In the initial position, the arms are straightened and pressed to the sides with palms inward. On the exhale, the arms bend and rise behind the back.


2. Exercises for biceps with dumbbells.It is easiest to build muscle mass on the biceps with the help of dumbbells, since during exercises using this sports projectile there is an opportunity to bend and extend the arm in full amplitude, which is sufficiently large to obtain the expected result.To give the biceps a beautiful shape, you need to work out with dumbbells with not very large weight, this is done in order for the load to go exactly to this type of muscle. It is very important with this type of exercise to perform them correctly. The main exercises for shaping and massing the biceps are as follows:


  • From the “standing” position, arms with dumbbells on the sides, palms pointing forward, on the exhalation, alternate or simultaneous flexion of the arms is performed. For effectiveness, it is very important that when moving the arms, breathing is not intermittent. This exercise is aimed at building weight and for a quicker result can be performed from a sitting position. To do this, the body leans down a bit, legs spread wider, and arms go down, between the legs, palms forward. In this case, the elbows should rest against the hips. After that, when you exhale, your arms bend in your elbows, lifting the dumbbells to your shoulders.
  • From the "standing" position, arms on the sides, palms turned to the hips, dumbbells on the exhalation rise to the armpits. This exercise also works on the muscles of the forearm and the entire upper shoulder girdle.
  • From the “standing” position, the legs are slightly bent at the knees, the back is held straight, the arms with dumbbells along the seams and are turned by the palms towards the body. On the exhale, alternate flexion of the arms is performed so that during exercise the elbows are pressed against the body, and the arms, while lifting the dumbbells, turn with their palms to the shoulders. The exercise is designed to give relief to the biceps and can also be performed from a sitting position. To do this, the hand with dumbbells must be supported with an elbow on the knee and on exhalation it is carried out without bending the support.


3. Exercises on the shoulders with dumbbells. These exercises are performed with a minimum respite with a small number of repetitions, since obtaining the desired result is achieved with maximum muscle tension.


  • In the sitting position, the arms should be bent in the elbows so that they are on the sides, palms back and the dumbbells are parallel to the shoulders, on the exhale the arms are extended and the dumbbells are raised up so that the palms are turned forward. This type of exercise with dumbbells is directed to the deltas, and also contributes to building up the muscles of the entire shoulder joint.
  • In the initial position of "standing", the back is straight, hands with dumbbells are on the sides.Hands rise in front of them, then they are withdrawn to the sides and again lowered to their original position. This exercise forms the width of the shoulders and the shape of the muscles.
  • From the standing position, hands at the seams of the dumbbells rise to the chin.
  • A standing position is taken, legs are placed shoulder-width apart and slightly bent, arms with dumbbells stretched out to the sides, palms back. Then while inhaling, one of the arms is pulled out in front of the body, and as you exhale, it goes down again. After which the movement is repeated for the other hand.
  • An exercise that is performed as follows is very simple and effective for strengthening the entire shoulder girdle. Hands with dumbbells fall down on the sides, legs are placed on the width of the shoulders. After that, the shoulders slowly go up, and then go down. Exercise should be performed at least twenty times in two or three approaches.


Exercises with dumbbells for the back musclesaimed at the development of physical strength and endurance, and at a healthy effect. Consider a set of exercises for these muscles for men:


  • For the muscles responsible for flexing and flexing the back.The starting position is “standing”, hands with dumbbells are behind the back of the head.On exhalation, the body drops down, hands do not detach from the occipital part of the head until the body becomes parallel to the floor. It is very important for the exercise to keep the legs straight.
  • Exercises on the wings with dumbbells.In the initial position, the dumbbell is taken into the right arm, the left leg bends in the knee and is exposed in front of the body and a free hand is laid on it, and the other leg is retracted in a half-bent state. On the exhale, the arm with the dumbbells is bent at the elbow, so that the shoulder part is parallel to the body.
  • For lumbar muscles and wings.The starting position "lying on its side" is accepted, hands with dumbbells are pressed to the back of the head, legs are fixed so that they can assume a motionless state. Then the body rises on exhalation to the feet.


Exercises with dumbbells on the pectoral muscles:


Exercises with dumbbells on the pectoral muscles

Exercises with dumbbells on the pectoral muscles


  • For stretching the pectoral muscles. In a prone position, the feet rest against the floor, the arms are bent at the elbows, the dumbbells are near the chest. While inhaling, the arms are straightened up over the body and the palms are turned to meet each other. On the exhale, the initial position is assumed.
  • To give volume to the chest. The initial position "lying on a narrow bench" is taken, the dumbbells are in the arms slightly bent at the elbows. When inhaling, arms should be separated to the side, until the elbows are parallel to the shoulders. On the exhale, the arms go up and in the upper position the pectoral muscles should be maximally stretched for a few seconds.


Exercises with dumbbells for the press help to remove excess fat from the abdomen, as well as to tone the abdominal muscles.


  • The position “lying on the floor” is taken, the legs are fixed by the support, the hands with the dumbbells are pressed to the back of the head. When exhaling, the trunk must be bent to the legs, while exhaling the body drops to the floor.
  • Starting position "sitting on a stool", legs fixed, dumbbells behind his back. At exhalation the body descends downwards, on inspiration rises upwards.
  • For oblique muscles of the abdomen, inclinations are performed left-to-right. For this, the standing position is taken and the dumbbell is taken in one hand. When you inhale, you can bend in the direction of the hand with dumbbells, and when you exhale without it. After doing several inclinations, the dumbbell is placed in the other hand, and the exercise is performed similarly.


You can also perform exercises with dumbbells for men in order to lose weight, because when pumping up muscles burn body fat. But in this case, in addition to including them in your daily program, you must also follow a certain diet, very carefully watching your diet.


Dumbbell leg exercises


  • For calf muscles.The exercise is performed from the “standing” position, the toes are placed on the support, bent arms with dumbbells at the shoulders. On the exhale, it is necessary to rise on the toes without changing the position of the hands.
  • For hip muscles. A sitting position is taken on a bench or high stool, dumbbells are attached to the legs just above the toes. Then each leg alternately rises up to the straightened state. Exercise can also be performed while lifting both legs.
  • For the buttock muscles. To perform the exercise, the standing position is taken, hands with dumbbells are placed behind the back, dumbbells are crossed and pressed against the pelvis. On a breath, a full squat is performed with raising the heels upwards.


Dumbbell exercises for women and girls



For girls who want to tidy up their figure, to become slimmer and normalize muscle tone, exercises with dumbbells, which can be done at home, are also very effective.


Dumbbell exercises for girls

Dumbbell exercises for girls


To perform them, lightweight sports equipment weighing from one to two kilograms is taken in order not to overstretch the muscles.


  • Exercises for women with dumbbells for the chest. Starting position "standing", arms with shells stretched forward. To perform the exercise, the arms bend at the elbows, pulling the dumbbells towards the shoulders. Very effective for strengthening and tightening the chest muscles is exercise scissors, with dumbbells. To do this, arms with dumbbells are pulled forward, then crossed with each other and again return to their original position.
  • Exercises for the hips with dumbbells.In the initial position, legs are put together, arms with dumbbells are pulled up and placed next to each other. Then one leg is set aside and squatting on one leg is performed, while the arms slowly drop down. After that, the initial position is taken, and the exercise is performed on the other leg. This exercise is also very effective for inflating the buttocks.
  • Waist Exercises for Women with Dumbbells. In the initial position, the legs are placed shoulder-width apart, one arm is straightened along the body, the other is placed on the thigh.After that, the straightened arm is turned on behind the head and the body is tilted to the side, then the starting position is taken again and the exercise is repeated with a tilt in the other direction. For the waist, you can also perform an exercise with 1 dumbbell. To do this, you need to sit on your knees, pick up a dumbbell and lift them up. After that, the torso of the body is left-right.


In the program of charging for girls, you can also, if you wish, include some of the above-described exercises with dumbbells for arms, legs, back, and abs designed for men. The only condition is a much smaller number of repetitions and the correct distribution of the daily load on all the muscles of the body.


More perseverance and perseverance in achieving your goal, as well as regular workouts not only in the gym, but also at home will allow you to achieve stunning results. We recommend below to watch the video in which all the exercises with dumbbells are disassembled in detail.

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