Expensive epoxy resin and wood stool

This stool can be called designer! She has a very original seat - it is made of tinted transparent epoxy resin and pieces of branches. The legs of the chair are three solid, stable, dried branches of the same thickness. To make such a stool is not difficult if you keep tools in your garage and love to create things for the house with your own hands.

You will need the following materials:

  • branches of different thickness;
  • transparent epoxy resin (exactly 1 kg left on this stool) - it is called for worktops or slabs, Decor, Art or 3D sometimes appear in the name; must be resistant to UV light;
  • a large plastic bucket of suitable diameter (for example, from paint 30-40 kg) or any other container from the building mixture;
  • dye for epoxy resin (optional, but with it you can give the stool an interesting color);
  • plastic spatula;
  • hot melt glue;
  • petrol;
  • saw, grinding machine, manual mill (preferably).

Let's get to work:

1. First you need to cut the branches into pieces of the same size. It is best to take branches of different thickness to make the chair seat interesting.

2. Take a plastic bucket, measure exactly and cut off the bottom.

3. Then we measure the desired height, draw a flat line in a circle and cut out the blank for the future stool - a plastic circle.

4. Prepare the work surface: stick a piece of chipboard on a piece of chipboard to remove it along with epoxy resin at the end of the work. We install a plastic circle, glue it along the edge with hot melt adhesive tape so that the design does not move during operation.

5. We first set up three branch legs, then in the derived order we arrange the cut pieces of branches. We strive to fill all voids as much as possible, so the epoxy resin consumption will be lower.

6. Measure out and mix, according to the manufacturer's instructions, epoxy resin. At this stage, you can add a dye.

7. Slowly pour epoxy resin into the crevices between the branches, so that there are no voids or air bubbles anywhere.

8. We wait until the epoxy resin hardens (about 24 hours, depending on temperature). Carefully cut off the plastic and remove it from the stool.

9. Make it final.To do this, walk along the surface of the grinding machine, and the edges are rounded using a hand-held router.

10. Degrease the surface with gasoline.

11. Final touch: fill the stool with a small amount of epoxy resin, smooth it over the surface and edges with a plastic spatula. Leave until fully cured.

Excellent! Is not it?

Tip: if you make a children's stool, then instead of branches you can use toys from kinder surprises, for example.

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