Fashionable summer dresses 2018

The wardrobe of a modern woman is hard to imagine without dresses. Even those who are not too keen on light, romantic clothes of motley colors can always choose for themselves, for example, a comfortable sports model. But designers, as always, are worried in advance that women will learn about the trends of next summer, having managed to buy the models they like. I wonder what is advised to wear a fashion guru in the future warm season? Then read on.

New clothes for heat

Summer wardrobe is special. There are so many colors, so many beautiful and flying fabrics. Such clothes seem to be imbued with tenderness and the most pleasant emotions. After all, most often it is summer that we look forward to, go on vacation, have the opportunity to make long and pleasant walks on summer evenings, sit out in nature and still carry out a huge amount of pleasant things that afterwards turn into wonderful memories and warm the soul in the cold winter season .

That is why the girls are very careful and carefully approach the choice of each piece of clothing for the warm season So, what trends does the summer of 2018 promise us?

  1. Free cut.This is probably one of the most successful options when the thermometer shows +30. Dress-up shirts are a great idea for those who want to kill two birds with one stone. With it, you can create an image in the style of sport-chic, complementing it with comfortable moccasins and a small backpack. And wearing a thin belt and stylish wedge sandals, you instantly turn into a romantic young lady.
  2. Ruches. Welcome in the area of ​​shoulders, chest and waist. Girls who do not have enough volume in these places, they are just shown. Those who, on the contrary, suffer from the presence of extra folds in these zones, should abandon such a romantic decor.
  3. Asymmetry. I want it and cut it. It may seem to many that designers were guided by this rule when creating summer collections. Fabrics can have not only an asymmetric hem, but also the same top. It looks very unusual, but super-fashionable.
  4. Prints. In the first place in popularity - flirty floral-floral motifs. Those who prefer more pronounced sexuality should choose animalistic prints, they have been in fashion for several seasons. Geometry is another squeak.
  5. The cloth.Light summer chiffon and lace in the future season will be present even in office bows. The shiny satin has become an equal competitor to velvet, therefore, purchasing a dress made of such fabrics, you will definitely be in trend. Glam-chic for fashionistas who care about the stereotypes and rules of society involves the use of leather.
  6. Palette. Pastel colors (lavender, pink, beige, milky), halftones of bright shades (soft orange, green) will be on a par with juicy variants of red, futuristic gold and silver, as well as strict black.

All these are common trends. And what specific models and options are recommended to wear stylists?

Linen style

Probably, many people remember how a flurry of emotions was once caused by transparent guipure dresses, under which the underwear could be seen in detail with the naked eye. But the time of surprise has passed, and designers advise again to return to this trend.

The more the dress will be mesh and transparent elements, the better. For the most courageous there are, of course, completely transparent models.


When else can you generously get enough sunshine than in the summer? And the maximum open your body to the sun's rays. Designers have chosen clothes with a deep neckline, under which you do not need underwear.

Incredibly frank V-notches almost to the waist in no way look vulgar, if decorated with ruffles and flounces. Nothing superfluous glance around will not be clearly noticeable. Do not hesitate to wear such things to girls with small breasts. This size is ideal for this model.


This style - must-have fashionistas. Shortened in front and elongated behind, such dresses were already in vogue several seasons ago. But then everything was minimalistic. This time, the designers generously decorated the hem with ruffles, frills, made it multi-layered, and added lace trim.

Models with a rich decor are suitable for special occasions, while simpler ones will perfectly fit into everyday wardrobe.


Bare shoulders are one of the sexiest trends of all time. And it is again relevant. Smooth or very slightly convex chest line on the dress looks very tender and feminine. Many stylists say that such dresses make the girl as if defenseless, and therefore very attractive.

The length can be any, but long models made of satin, jacquard, brocade or silk look especially elegant.

Bishop's sleeves

Medieval motifs are often traced in the collections of famous designers. This time they brought bishop sleeve back to fashion. Many have long been familiar with this type of sleeves on blouses, because it is ideal for lightweight fabrics.

Now women of fashion will flaunt and in dresses with such sleeves. Their weightless volume is great for hot summer.


For a long time, fashion gurus “preached” the beauty of female legs, which they definitely had to put on display, wearing a short dress. And sometimes ultra short. Next summer will be marked by the dominance of maxi options. Particularly relevant will be the folds, draping and pleated.

As you can see, every woman will find for herself in the future season the model she needs, and not even one.

In such it is easy to feel confident, to arrest the views of others and to conquer the world. Be in trend!

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