Features of the content of freshwater shrimp

Freshwater shrimp not so long ago became an inhabitant of home aquariums. Aquarists like the variety of colors of these amazing creatures. At first glance, these animals seem clumsy and clumsy, but they move quickly in the water.

Freshwater Shrimp Content

For the maintenance of shrimp you need to prepare a comfortable habitat for them, as close as possible to the natural conditions. The minimum volume of the aquarium - 50 liters.

freshwater shrimp
Freshwater shrimp are bright colors
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Water temperature can vary between 20-27 ° C. Choose an acceptable value in the range of these numbers and always support it. A sharp jump in temperature of 6-7 ° C will lead to the death of shrimp. If the temperature drops below 16-17 ° C, the shrimp will become slow and sluggish, stop multiplying and show activity.

The acidity of water also plays a big role. Acidity values ​​below 6.5 ° provoke destruction of the shell of shrimp.The compressor must be turned on all the time so that the water is saturated with oxygen. Water is changed every 6-7 days, approximately 45% of the total. Stony ground regularly siphon.

In the aquarium must be closed intake pipe filter. Shrimps love to explore different cracks, and then they can not get out of them and die.

Types of freshwater shrimp

There are many types of shrimp. The most popular ones are:

  • Snowflake. It is characterized by snow-white body and calf color. Females are slightly larger than males and have more intense color. Bred in Germany.
  • Arpekin. It has a variegated color of white, black and red stripes. It lives best with a freshwater sponge, with which it feeds. In nature, lives in Indonesia.
  • Cardinal The color can vary from scarlet to pale pink. A characteristic sign - white front paws. Habitat - Sulawesi Island.
  • Ringed. The body has a brown-gray color, black and red rings are clearly visible on the claws. He lives in the waters of Bangladesh.
  • Bee. It has a red body tone with black stripes. Highly sensitive to water parameters. First discovered in Japan.
  • Ninja.Distinctive feature - the ability to quickly change the color of the body depending on the habitat. In nature, lives in the waters of Asia.
  • Amano Body color depends on food and can vary from transparent to green or red. Small black dots are scattered all over the body. In the natural environment lives in Japan.

This is just a small list of the most common species.

Freshwater shrimp in an aquarium get along well with many small fish, as they are completely non-conflict. But many fish pose a potential threat to them.

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