Features sea style in our life (10 photos)

If you don’t have enough sea life, be sure to add it! How? Not necessarily to move to another city. Settle a piece of the sea at home or in your wardrobe! Learn the subtleties and features of the maritime style.

What it is?

Maritime style appeared not so long ago, but already managed to win the hearts of thousands and even millions. And it is not surprising, because, choosing it, you can practically plunge into the sea and feel all its charms. This style is associated with a holiday on the Cote d'Azur, with swimming, ships, beaches and the gentle sun, with sails, inhabitants of the depths and everything else that has at least something to do with the marine theme.

Looks stylish

To adhere to this style can be in the interior design, and when choosing clothes and drawing up a wardrobe. The features are approximately the same, although there are some subtleties. But let's talk about everything in more detail.

We equip the interior in the marine style

So, if you decide to use the marine style in the interior, then understand the most important points, and then proceed to the design of the room design.By the way, as for the room, it can be almost anything: a kitchen, a living room, a children's room, a bedroom and even a bathroom. The sea will take root everywhere. Now we will dwell on every important moment.

Color spectrum

Interior design in this style involves the use of two primary colors: white and blue. But gentle beige is also suitable. Shades of blue are also quite appropriate, if they are few. Sometimes the room requires a bright accent, which can be a bright red. The same role can play noble coral or sunny orange. But the main gamut should still be white and blue.

Colors matter

Patterns, drawings

The most "marine" pattern is, of course, a strip. Other attributes and seafood are also welcome: boats, anchors, sea stars, fish and so on. All this can settle down, for example, on a tablecloth or on a carpet.


It is better to use light and natural materials: wood, straw, flax, cotton, knitwear and so on. All natural and light, no heavy frilly fabrics and other similar details.



Walls and ceiling should be calm. You can, for example, paint or lining them.Wallpaper of blue, white or beige tones or with sea patterns or wallpapers with a gorgeous sea landscape will also suit. The ceiling can be white or blue. Do you want a creative? Then order stretch ceilings with clouds, it's very original. The best option for finishing the floor - parquet or at worst laminate flooring.

Cool design


What should be the furniture? First of all, made of natural materials and not too cumbersome. Here are a few options:

  • Cozy soft sofa with natural upholstery in light colors. No extra and frilly details, everything is as concise and convenient as possible.
  • The bed in the bedroom should also not have anything extra.
  • In the center, place a wooden, as if aged table with abrasions and peeling paint. Very unusual and creative.
  • A wicker table will also work, it will also fit perfectly into the interior.
  • Armchairs can also be wicker or soft and comfortable, but not too massive.
  • Hang hammock! This is a great place to relax.
  • Instead of the chest, you can use a real wooden pirate chest.

Remember that the furniture should not be too much, so do not force it to room.


For lovers of geography

A room in a nautical style will certainly be bright, so a big window on the sunny side will be appropriate. Also by all means place around the perimeter lamps, made, of course, in a nautical style. No bulky chandeliers, it will be superfluous!


Here is a ship

An important role is played by decorative details. Here are some interesting ideas:

  • Place an anchor on the wall.
  • Make a panel of seashells or starfishes with your own hands.
  • On the wall, you can hang a picture with a sail or ship.
  • Put a pot with a real palm on the floor.
  • Make a shelf of wood, connecting them together with a rope. It is original and functional.

Maritime clothes

If you prefer a nautical style in clothes, then remember the sea, the beach, the ships. All the people there are dressed in different ways, but they are all united by ease and ease. Remember a few important points.

Color solutions

The following colors are fundamental: blue, blue, white, black, as well as coral and red. Clothing should be light, that is, black can not be the main color, but white or blue - completely. Revive the image and make it more vivid coral and red.

It is fashionable


Fashion - the lady is capricious, but the marine style today is in trend. Here are a few ideas:

  • Mikey There should be several of them so that you can change colors. T-shirt should be as concise as possible, so the best option is knitted on straps.
  • Topical and relevant tops. It can be both light monophonic, and models in a strip. Different styles are admissible and welcome: tight-fitting, loose, asymmetrical. The most important thing is the characteristic colors and thematic patterns, for example, starfish, fish or anchors.
  • Dresses This is the most summer and feminine clothing. Get a few. Here are a few options: a white short dress-bustier, a striped vest-shirt, a blue dress with flared hem and a slightly high waist. In general, there are a lot of options, but remember that when choosing such an item of clothing, you should take into account not only the style and preferences, but also the features of your figure.
  • Jacket. Choose concise models with sleeves ¾ and one button (if it is made in the form of an anchor, it will be even better). Optimal colors are blue, white or blue.
  • Be sure to buy short summer white fabric or blue denim shorts, they are not only comfortable, but also look sexy, especially on a slim figure.
  • Get light skinny jeans or straight cut.Various scuffs and marine applications will be appropriate.
  • Skirts. They can be any. For example, a short straight skirt in a strip looks bright. A skirt-sun, long to the knees or slightly above them, will emphasize the romantic and feminine. A long skirt on the floor will add an image of mystery and hide that which should not be shown.
  • Cropped trousers-pipes of white, blue, coral or turquoise hues look very tender and sexy at the same time.
  • Long sundresses in the floor on the straps of light blue or white fabrics also belong to this style.
  • Capri and breeches are also comfortable and can refresh the image.



Shoes should be light and comfortable. Optimal materials such as cork wood, textiles, canvas, leather, suede and so on. Here are a few options:

  • Light sandals with flat soles with straps.
  • White or blue sandals with a steady heel.
  • Sandals on a wedge.
  • Lightweight fabric or woven ballet flats.



  • Various straps with buckles in the form of anchors or sea stars are appropriate.
  • Handbags can be any: miniature clutches, textile shoppers and other models.
  • Be sure to buy the original hat, without it the sea can not do. And you can replace it with a creative marine cap.
  • Get big glasses that will protect your eyes from the sun.
  • The main features of accessories are lightness, brightness and originality.


Without a vest can not do without

What should be the decorations? Some interesting ideas:

  • Large coral beads.
  • Earrings in the form of anchors.
  • Ring with a bright starfish.
  • Wide plastic bracelet.
  • Volumetric chains.

Let the marine style make your life brighter, easier and more interesting!

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