Figures from plastic bottles with their own hands - photo, video master class

DIY Plastic Bottle Figures

DIY Plastic Bottle Figures

To grow a perfectly flat lawn at the dacha, to shade the space with a bind or a vine, to introduce wrought ornaments, stone bas-reliefs, etc. - this is not always available for most summer residents and owners of private plots.


The most budget and rapid step in the transformation of the garden can be the design of figures and other products from plastic bottles.


In fact, the design merits of "plastic architecture" is enough:

  • The already mentioned low cost and speed of production;
  • Many variations of performance - both color and constructive;
  • Noticeable aesthetic effect;
  • Mobility: it is impossible to “move” a capital decoration or a fountain by definition, and making a pet-bottle figure with your own hands is easy!
  • Combinatorial.Having at our disposal garden pigs, birds, chickens, made of plastic, rearranging them in the garden by means of simple maneuvers, it is easy to revive the area and interest children in such games.


To begin with, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video workshop on the creation of products from plastic bottles for the garden and the garden.


Video: how to make shapes from plastic bottles with your own hands



How to make shapes from plastic bottles - a master class with photos


Let's make a piggy figure. The main material will be the bottle itself. Most naturally the pig will come out of a large bottle for the cooler (20 liters), because a large lid will deprive us of the need to invent a nose-snout.


You need markers, a few buttons, a can of paint and special glue for plastic. As the legs, we use drinking water bottles, only smaller ones. The optimal half-liter egg-caps or containers of 0.75 liters. For thoroughness, you can fill a large bottle with sawdust or sand.


The hardest thing is to firmly fasten the legs to the improvised torso correctly attached legs. To do this, we make four holes with a diameter of several centimeters on the “belly” of the bottle (the exact size depends on the shape of the bottle-legs).


Cut off most of the half-liter bottles so that only the neck is left. We perform a similar operation on the rest of the bottles so that the resulting parts are strictly identical to each other. Now we simply screw the necks of the bottles into the previously made holes. It remains to paint our pig, designate a patch and eyes, cut out of plastic and fasten the ears and tail. And here is a small and elegant pig already settled on a green meadow.


Piglets, chickens, storks and other animals bring coziness and originality to the garden, but they are more relevant in spring or summer. As a kind and proven option for the winter season, we offer to diversify the type of snowdrifts in the country by the figure of a snowman.


How to make a snowman with your hands from plastic bottles


The required number of bottles is determined by the size of the snowman. The raw materials for our handicraft will be only bottoms from bottles. Therefore, the first thing we separate them from the bottles themselves. Next, you need to do in the bottoms of 2 holes perpendicular to each other, with their help we will collect all the bottoms on one line and get a plastic garland.


DIY Plastic Bottle Figures


Now the base, it is a wire frame. It is not at all difficult to assemble it yourself, you just need to fasten the wire sections so that they make up the ball. Well, not quite a perfect ball, but a spherical shape.


DIY Plastic Bottle Figures


All you need at least two balls, more for the body, less for the head. You can make a classic snowman - then spherical frames and garlands will need three pieces each.


DIY Plastic Bottle Figures


For the stability of the snowman, the balls made are strung on an iron pole or on a peg specially driven into the ground. Having established a framework entirely, we pass to its registration. We wrap the balls in a garland, paint our eyes, fasten a carrot (red, only red!) And carefully wrap the semblance of a snowman's neck with a scarf.

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