Floor vase

Today, only lazy is not engaged in improving the design of their homes. Fashion trends can satisfy the most sophisticated tastes of demanding consumers. At the same time at all times, there was a demand for the decoration of the interior with high floor vases. However, not always their affordability coincides with the desired appearance. Like any other thing, a floor vase can be made with your own hands. Such beauty will be of the desired shape, and in the right color scheme, and much cheaper than her shop counterparts. Materials for work: • 3-liter glass jar - 2 pcs. • Tea saucer - 1 pc ; • Plastic container from preserved food - 1 pc; • Silicone sealant - 1 cylinder; • Liquid (construction) PVA glue - 1 liter; • • Construction alabaster - 4 tbsp .; • Potato starch - 100 gr .; • Egg grids - 4 pcs. • Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp. • Vaseline - 1 tbsp. • Three-layer napkins - 2 pcs. • Plasticine - 1 box; • Old tube of PVA glue with a narrow spout - 1 pc .; • Glue “liquid nails”, white and “gold” paints, blush, eyeshadow, face powder, brush, acrylic colorless varnish,water. Stages of work: The first stage: form the basis. Turn one neck upside down and glue the tea saucer turned upside down with liquid nails.
Do-It-Yourself Vase
Sticking the bottom of the second can to the bottom of the same can.
 Do-it-yourself floor vase
Cut off from a preserved container d but. Inverted container sticking to the neck of the second can.
 Do-it-yourself floor vase
Leave the foundation to dry for 1 day.
 Vase with your own hands
The second stage: we give the vessel a vase outline. Finely boil the egg grids.
 Floor vase with your own pv s
filled with water so that the entire mass of torn plunged into it. We leave for the night.
 Do-it-yourself floor-standing vase
Wet down the grids.
 Do-it-yourself vase
We tear large pieces.Fill the whole mass with PVA glue.
 Do-it-yourself floor vase
Thoroughly, until you get a homogeneous slurry, mix sodden grids.

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