Folk holidays April 1

With the onset of April, nature begins to truly bloom, and spring is already felt in the air. The meaning of the word "April" is rooted in the Byzantine language and means "to flourish", "to discover." Other names that came from our ancestors-Slavs - “drip”, “sunflower”, “pollen”, mean certain natural phenomena accompanying this spring month.

What are the celebrations of national holidays on April 1? Today we will learn about the most famous holidays of the first day of April.

April Fool's Day (April Fool's Day)

The international holiday, referred to as the Day of Laughter, has rather “hazy” primary sources. According to one version, it was April 1 in some European countries that has long been the day of the vernal equinox, as well as the date of the New Year celebration. Spring came into its own, nature bloomed, and people rejoiced at the arrival of serene days — they laughed, joked, and played each other. It was believed that with such behavior people coaxed capricious spring nature.

By tradition, on this holiday it was possible to "jest with impunity" a relative or acquaintances, present a funny gift and even receive the title of "April Fools." The range of April Fools' jokes is the most diverse - from global incidents to personal events. If a person believes the player, he becomes the April Fool - the joke was a success!

Day of the start of the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists

It is a national holiday of the island of Cyprus, dedicated to the memory of April 1, 1955 - the date the organization began to fight for independence from the British invaders, who turned the Mediterranean island into their colony.

The confrontation for freedom lasted about four years and ended in victory for the Cypriots. In early 1959, a trilateral agreement was signed between Great Britain, Turkey and Greece, defining the status and government of Cyprus.

In this regard, in August 1960, the Independent Republic of Cyprus was proclaimed. However, the "price" that the island had to pay for the long-awaited autonomy was the two military bases deployed by the UK on the territory of Cyprus.

In addition, the conclusion of the Zurich-London agreement caused hostility between the population of Cyprus - the Greeks and Turks and, as a consequence, the introduction in 1964 of UN peacekeeping forces. As noted on April 1 in Cyprus? Despite the existing problem with the separation of the island, on this day, public rallies and holiday celebrations are held.

International Bird Day

The holiday is celebrated on April 1, 1906, since the signing of the International Convention for the Protection of Birds. Since 1927, the Day of Birds has become an official holiday in the USSR, and about 5,000 Soviet children took part in its celebration. With the arrival of April, the guys met migratory birds by installing numerous birdhouses and feeders.

For decades, the celebration of the Day of the birds several times stopped, then resumed. In Russia, the holiday revival occurred in 1999, and about 500 people took part in the event.

How is the Day of Birds in Belarus celebrated on April 1? According to tradition, ecological holidays, excursions, photo exhibitions of birds are held, and artificial bird nests are placed. The main activity of public organizations is the preservation of species and habitats of rare birds (especially species listed in the Red Book).

What holidays are celebrated on April 1st? Darya Gryaznoy, Mary of Egypt (patroness of repentant women), the awakening of the brownie.

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