Follow your desires: the most important thing in the new year

Recently I was asked what I am guided in life - by my desires or a sense of duty? And I honestly replied that the debt is for me first. It probably sounds rather boring and too correct. But after all, in fact, desire and a sense of duty are inextricably linked.

Live the way you want 

I think everyone is familiar with the situation when you suddenly find yourself in a strong desire, or maybe even a hint of the vocation of a lifetime, but caring people around and even an insecure inner voice dissuade from this absurdity. And any, even if not the most ambitious dream, suddenly becomes impossible, unreasonable and even selfish towards others. Parents, who, of course, had a lot of social, historical and hereditary reasons, tried to protect us from our own passions. Involuntarily they created the installation, that if you live as you want, sooner or later you will have to pay for it.As a result, without really starting to move towards our dream, at the stage of just emerging happiness we begin to fear that soon everything will end, and then it will become worse than it was.

Follow your desires: the most important thing in the new year

Today, a huge number of people are not able to make decisions in favor of their desires and follow them, regardless of the opinions of others and other judgments. Facing a choice, they prefer something safe and neutral. None Thousands of young men and women who dream of becoming directors, artists and astronauts choose a law or economic institution that is closer to home and in which there is less competition. Hundreds of men and women associate their lives not with those in whom they feel a soul mate, but with those who are guaranteed to reciprocate. And they do not go for loved ones, but for reliable and promising ones. As a result of this choice - fatigue, loss of tone, chronic depression. There is no desire at all, or only one thing - to lie down and die.

But this is only one extreme. Some people realize that under the yoke of life circumstances they crush or replace their desires. And sometimes it turns into a riot.Against parents who, in general, only want good. Against office work, which, in principle, is not so bad and well paid. Against a serious relationship, although few actually want to live life alone. The desire to somehow show their oppressed desires is expressed not in their realization, but in denial and struggle against everything that hinders this. A huge waste of energy, which could be sent in a constructive direction! In an effort to finally enjoy life, such people cling to everything at once, realizing that, in fact, everything is possible. They want to become a photographer and leave, because, it turns out, you need to look for models, customers and arrange to shoot. They want to become a brilliant artist, who splashes out on the canvas all the wealth of the inner world. But they quickly realize that it is necessary to draw plaster heads and still lifes again and again with boring earthenware plates. They want to change the world, no less! But they cannot even change their daily routine. Too many desires, they all require effort, but what to stop? How to choose? What is the true purpose, which you can give all of yourself and not regret?

Follow your desires: the most important thing in the new year

Do what must

The word "duty" in our time is perceived almost as an indecent curse. In a society in which no one owes anything to anyone, hint at debt is tantamount to a deep personal insult. And the root of the problem also lies in education, when the closest and loving people constantly talked about the duty to the school, parents, the state. Sincerely wishing us good and happiness, they missed the main thing - a sense of duty grows out of desire.

In Sanskrit, the word "duty" is dharma. It has several meanings, and one of them literally means “property.” The dharma of the sugar is to be sweet, the dharma of fire is to burn. If you replace “I must” with “this is my property, my nature,” then the negative sense of duty dissolves like smoke. And then it is very easy to assume obligations, because they are not born from the outside, but from our own “I want.” For example, if I want to have a slim and fit figure, I have to watch my diet and actively go in for sports. If I want to draw, I have to learn and do it every day, improving my skills. If I want to make a delicious dinner, I have to find a recipe and buy the necessary products.No one is obliged to tolerate the vagaries of old sick parents, who even hardly recognize you. But, for example, I want to be a good daughter, and a good daughter can be tolerant, caring and attentive.

Only by fulfilling one’s duty, which is dictated by nature and desires, can one fully reveal the inner qualities and characteristics of the personality. Only by accepting your true nature and following the dharma, you can easily overcome the most difficult life situations. Do not be afraid of the sense of duty and obligations that follow from it. If you want something, you must follow your desire, and only in this way you can develop in yourself qualities that can turn any dream into reality.

Follow your desires: the most important thing in the new year

The true vocation is revealed in the balance between "must" and "want." Only by realizing one’s nature and following it, following a sense of duty, can one discover in oneself the crushed hidden desires and tame the ambivalence if there are suddenly too many desires. Perhaps it will seem to someone that it is boring, hard and somehow unpleasant to follow the debt. But, in my opinion, this is the only thing that is important in life.

If you have a desire, you must follow it.Your duty to realize it and bring it to the end, no matter how absurd and absurd it may be. No circumstances or mood changes can cause changes in plans.

This does not sound very inspiring, but any vocation that everyone so eagerly desires to realize is a constant incessant work that requires tremendous returns. Dali painted 16 hours a day, getting up at dawn. Van Gogh painted two paintings a day, working in appalling conditions. Maybe it doesn’t sound like bohemian parties, but if you hold on to this strategy long enough, you will quickly lose the pace between “must” and “want”. You will begin to follow your desires in a more balanced, purposeful way, and sticking to your chosen path will not be difficult. You can read many more motivational books and inspirational articles. But there are things that you just need to start doing right now. And I think the duty of each of us is to follow our desires.

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