Food bans for nursing mothers

Food bans for nursing mothersNature has thought over the period of pregnancy in such a way that a woman gains extra pounds in a natural way. After childbirth, some of them go away (in some cases more, sometimes less). And now there is a problem of feeding the baby. After all, for this you need to eat much more than usual, and the food at the same time should be as rich in vitamins as possible, nutritious and healthy. How to create your diet with the greatest benefits for mom and child? What can not eat a nursing mother and what can? After all, the composition of breast milk depends on the consumed products and remains the best food for the crumbs in any case.

What not to eat a nursing mother after giving birth

You should exclude the following products from your diet:

  • alcohol;
  • pastries and sweets (may cause allergies);
  • products that contain dyes, sweeteners, preservatives and taste substitutes;
  • fast food;
  • taking any medication requires consulting a doctor;
  • foods that cause gas formation in nursing moms;
  • food spiced up well;
  • margarine, mutton and beef tallow, lard;
  • sweet carbonated drinks.

Food bans for nursing mothers

If you are upset with your figure and think that you need a diet after childbirth, you can remove fatty foods and sweets from the menu, and cut the garnish in half. You can do gymnastics at home, jogging, go for fitness - this will help the body to return to previous weight norms.

Useful diet nursing mommy

Food bans for nursing mothers

It is best to go for baked, boiled and steamed food. During this period, fill your diet as much as possible with vegetables, preferably with minimal heat treatment, and fruits (fresh, dried, frozen, canned, juices). Some species can cause gas formation (grapes, cucumbers, cabbage, peas, zucchini, radishes, watermelon, melon), they should be eaten carefully. Also should be wary of rice dishes (can cause constipation in the baby).

Do not save on a variety of fermented milk products, because they are a source of protein and protein. And it is better to refuse whole milk (it can cause allergies).Eat fish of all sorts (no more than twice a week), lean meat (low-fat types of pork and beef), white poultry (preferably boiled), pasta, young cheese. Cottage cheese is better to heat, and eat in the form of casseroles, cheese cakes and so on. For digestion, oat, wheat and buckwheat will be useful. From sweet - marshmallows, marmalade, pastilles.

Food bans for nursing mothers

You can, but rarely and in moderation, eat eggs (preferably in the form of an omelette), pancakes, pelmeni or vareniki.
During the day, nursing mothers can drink weak green tea, the maximum weak natural coffee (not more than one cup), compotes from dried fruits (very carefully), mineral water without gas. In a day you need to drink about two liters of liquid.

Remember that every new product (one in three days) should be introduced into the diet gradually, using it once a day. The first signs of an allergy will appear within four hours.
You read that you can not eat after giving birth to a nursing mother. Follow these simple rules and you will feel an improvement in the state of yourself and the child. And this is the most important thing in any family.

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