For whom to vote in the 2016 election to the State Duma of Russia

On Sunday, September 18, 2016, regular elections to the State Duma of Russia will be held. It has already been precisely determined that fourteen parties will take part in the elections, among which the leaders of the pre-election race have now been determined. Other parties can also apply for participation in parliamentary elections, but for this each of them will have to enlist the support of at least 200 thousand people. The question of who to vote for in the 2016 elections in Russia is clear only to the clear supporters of certain parties, their loyal followers. The United Russia party, according to a preliminary survey of Russians, is in the lead, despite the loss of Dmitry Medvedev's former popularity. In addition to United Russia, Communist Party Communists with Gennady Zyuganov at the head and the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia with its permanent leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky are in the “top”. Muscovites and St. Petersburgers have already put forward their candidates for deputies of the State Duma.As always, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, United Russia was the first among the nominees, as well as supporters of the liberal-democratic and communist parties.

For whom to vote in the 2016 election to the State Duma of Russia

Who to vote for in the 2016 elections in Russia?

Today sotsseti and sites where the political situation in the country is somehow discussed, conduct preliminary anonymous surveys of citizens in order to find out who they would vote for in the 2016 elections in Russia, go through this election now. Pictures of the results with a preliminary vote vary greatly by region. Muscovites mostly prefer the party of United Russia (at least, its victory is predicted by most independent experts and interviewed passers-by), there are many supporters of both the Communists and the LDPR in St. Petersburg. Moreover, the liberals are mainly supported because of the charismatic nature of Vladimir Volfovich, who is practically not a political figure, but a personal idol for many voters. There are many supporters at PARNAS. "Apple" is likely to overcome, as usual. The minimum "barrier" and will collect the necessary number of people supporting the party. “Patriots of Russia”, “Motherland” and “Fair Russia” remain as outsiders (from the parties that have passed the elections). Skeptics claim that the balance of political forces in the State Duma will not change significantly.And this means that the actual majority in the Duma will be represented by deputies from United Russia, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Liberal Democratic Party. Accordingly, important decisions regarding reforms and constitutional amendments will be made by these people.

For whom to vote in the 2016 election except for United Russia?

Sociologists have determined that, if voters had voted now, and the question would have been about supporting any party other than United Russia, the UR supporters would have gone to the Motherland and Fair Russia parties. However, the majority of voters who currently support United Russia share the position of liberal democrats and communists. Despite some political disagreements between the leaders of the currently dominant Duma parties, Medvedev, Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky, they have been working on the same platform for a long time, and on the sidelines of the State Duma communicate very friendly. Since this Russia is under sanctions, additional shocks, in particular, changes in the distribution of political forces, the country is not needed at all. The probability of preserving the balance of the “backbone” of the State Duma of Russia is high. Even in their election speeches, representatives of the candidate parties to the State Duma emphasize the need to unite all forces, including political ones.

For whom to vote in the elections to the State Duma 2016 in Moscow?

Muscovites have already decided who they want to see in the State Duma 2016. From the United Russia (Moscow) bloc they became such famous people as actress Anna Snatkina, film director Yuri Kara, Colonel-General Ivan Teterin, doctors, current State Duma deputies. Representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - ex-candidate for mayor of Moscow, Ivan Melnikov, Vladimir Bortko, Vera Ganzia, Oleg Denisenko, Victor Kolomeytsev, Alexander Kulikov and other famous personalities whose names are on the lists of candidates. Liberal Democrats are betting on Mikhail Degtyarev, a young and promising public figure and politician. In total, in Moscow they will vote on 15 single-member constituencies, and in the region - on 11 constituencies.

For whom to vote in the elections in 2016 in the State. Duma in St. Petersburg?

Since the election system was amended in 2016, the State Duma of Russia will be formed based on the results of the elections in single-mandate constituencies and in the lists of political parties. According to this scheme, only 450 deputies will be elected, including deputies from various parties in St. Petersburg in 8 districts.The formation of "petal" single-member districts gave eight St. Petersburg districts, in each of which the elections of deputies will be held. Eight districts will be headed, first of all, by representatives of United Russia, Free Russia, the Party of Growth and the Communist Party. In the Liberal Democratic Party, they gave the preliminary victory to Igor Anansky, supporter of Zhirinovsky. Opposition parties will represent Grigori Yavlinsky (Yabloko) and Andrei Pivovarov (PARNAS).

Of course, for whom to vote in the elections of 2016 in Russia is a personal matter. In any democratic election (and the electoral commission elects the Duma for a democratic process), the vote is held secretly. Campaigning for candidates for the State Duma in Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as in all other cities and Russian regions, is stopped one day before the elections. The entire electoral process and the counting of votes are monitored not only by the Central Election Commission, but also by the commissions that were formed in advance for each of the previously announced constituencies. It is expected that exactly in the State Duma, except for United Russia, will be LDPR and the Communist Party. The situation with the balance of power and the percentage distribution of candidates from other parties is constantly changing.Until September, it remains to wait not much time, but over the months the picture may change.

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