French films will ban smoking

Perhaps, if not one of the most important, then at least one of the significant attributes of French cinema - a cigarette in the thin elegant fingers of the heroine or hero. French directors attach great importance to trifles: if Coco Chanel smoked like a steam locomotive, then the elegant Audrey Thoth as a great couturier simply cannot move from frame to frame with a cigarette. How else?

Publication by Audrey Tautou (@audreyjustinetautou)Apr 11 2014 at 6:50 PDT

So it has been until now, but it seems that soon the characters of future films like “Dreamers” will have to quit a pictorial, but unhealthy habit. During the recent parliamentary debates, the country's health minister, Agnes Bouzien, announced that she plans to introduce a total ban on showing scenes of smoking in the cinema. “I don’t understand why cigarettes are so important in French cinema,” she said. Guillaume Perigua, director of the Forest Rights Smokers Rights Group, immediately joined the argument with Buzen, who considers tobacco censorship inappropriate and confident that the problem should be approached from the other side.“The fact that smoking scenes are not shown in cartoons is good. But films for adults should reflect real life, not a world without tobacco. In most parts of the western world, including France, between one-fourth and one-third of the adult population smoke, ”he retorted.

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