From simple threads the craftswoman created the original decor for the home.

The ability of creative people to see the extraordinary in the ordinary is truly amazing! And you, looking at the threads, will be able to see the future decor in them? We admit, not many original ideas come to mind first. What is your idea: to create charming, tender snowdrops from the same white threads?

For work, prepare the following materials:

  • white and green threads;
  • fingertips;
  • silicate and PVA glue;
  • wire;
  • white lace band;
  • green ribbon;
  • polyethylene film;
  • scissors;
  • long needle.

Let's get to work:

1. Inflate the fingertips to small balls.

2. We put on a white thread in a needle, pierce a bottle with glue with a needle. Pull the needle. We stretch the thread and start randomly winding it on the balls.

3. Leave to dry for a while. At this time, we take a polyethylene sheet, spread it with glue and randomly wrap a green thread to create a “green sheet”. Petals will be formed from it in the future.

Scissors, cut the balls with a star, take out the fingertips.

4. Bend the petals out, edges are treated with tape.

5. Cut the sepals out of the green yarn.

6. Glue to the bud.

7. We wind the wire with a green ribbon.

8. We form a bouquet.

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