Garden sales: how to save on plants

In the garden centers in the fall, plants are often sold at discounted prices. Our expert on ornamental plants, landscape designer, the chairman of the Moscow Flower Club, Tatyana Zhashkova, tells how to make a bargain and not become a victim of fraudsters.

Often, sellers at the end of the planting season want to get rid of poor-quality or frankly overdue planting material, so it does not hurt to carefully examine the plants before buying.

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I take one onion, I look at another

The greatest success for a lover of flowering plants is to buy varietal tulips, hyacinths or crocuses in autumn with a significant discount. True, there are some pitfalls. First, do not purchase planting material in sealed boxes. They can be any surprise, and not very pleasant. Secondly, be sure to take each bulb in your hands and carefully inspect it - it must be elastic, without traces of damage, mold and rot. Thirdly, the outer shell (husk) - dry.Sometimes sellers offer discounted dead material, but they have previously (for better appearance) put it in a growth stimulant solution. The bulbs in it slightly come to life and outwardly become practically healthy, but this is only a temporary effect. Any signs of moisture should alert. The ends of the bulbs should also be dry, free from mold, signs of damage and rot.

Please note that during sales on the shelves sometimes come across bulbs after forcing. In appearance, they look lethargic and tortured. Especially often this happens with lilies. With such a bulb will have to tinker, and it will bloom at best in a couple of years. Therefore, the purchase is better to refuse.


Buying peonies at a discount can be an excellent investment in the beauty of your garden. Especially now many flower growers are sharing them. You can get a unique copy at a nice price. Note that peony must have brown, healthy roots and a live kidney. In appearance, it can be pink or greenish, but a prerequisite - it should not be lethargic. This is the basis of the fact that the plant will take root well and will delight you with its beauty.

What is in the pot?

In the autumn you should not buy shrubs with bare root system.As practice shows, they take root poorly. This also applies to stone fruit plants. It is better to plant cherry, plum, cherry plum and other representatives of this group in the spring. But you can look at the seeds. Especially if it is a plant with a closed root system (in a container).

The first half of autumn is a great time to buy and plant conifers. With planting it is better to hurry up to the cold weather, since conifers need to have time to grow suction roots, which will help them survive the winter. The state of the plant can be determined by appearance. Green and lush crown - the guarantee of his health. Feel the plant, the branches should be elastic and flexible. But if they are dry and brittle, there is a cavity inside - it is likely that the roots of the ephedra are damaged or die. By the way, at the same time they can keep their needles green for a year.

Do not be lazy to look into the container (this applies to all crops with a closed root system), the soil in it should be free from signs of mildew, whitish plaque and pests. Otherwise, you risk bringing a sick plant into your garden and endangering all plantings.

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