Getting ready for the heat: top 5 anti-thirst foods

What to drink in the summer, so as not to "dry out", and what ingredients to pay attention to.

"Antipyretic" recipes is divided into a bar network managerbeerrestaurants "Brooder"Sergey Shabanov from the new seasonal menu.


This vegetable is 90% water. It helps not only to quench thirst, but also has a beneficial effect on the entire body: removes toxins and cleans the kidneys. In addition, cucumbers are famous for low calorie, so that the waist does not get extra centimeters. However, the very taste of cucumber is not so interesting - watery, without shades. But you can experiment. For example, in the restaurant "Bruder" this vegetable is combined with kiwi, pineapple, lemon and lime. It is a refreshing option.

Unusual recipe for lemonade at home
Photo: archive of the press services of the restaurant "Broder"


A fragrant spice has been used for culinary and medical purposes since ancient times. This is possible due to the rich chemical composition, which is unusual for a wild plant. Essential oils are responsible for the corporate fragrance,fatty acids give the plant anti-aging and antioxidant qualities, and minerals and vitamins crown the composition of the benefits. However, in the memory of most tarragon is a sweet carbonated drink. It turns out that it can be cooked at home.

Lemonade recipe with tarragon at home
Photo: archive of the press services of the restaurant "Broder"


This non-alcoholic non-carbonated drink that has a light milky taste and sourish flavor. A kind of vanilla yogurt in the Asian style. Residents of this part of the world prefer sour-milk-based beverages, since such a product saves not only from dehydration, but also supports immunity, enriches the body with useful minerals. As an experiment, you can add fruit juices to the calendar.

Homemade lemonade can be diluted with unusual ingredients
Photo: archive of the press services of the restaurant "Broder"


Exotic fruit grows in Peru. Guava can be called a tropical apple, although it resembles the fruit of three well-known plants at the same time - an apple, a lemon and a pear. This fruit has a noble sweet taste and exceptional benefits for the body. For example, European nutritionists call guava an indispensable element in baby food and the diet of expectant mothers. We will not argue, but just add that with guava you get a very unusual lemonade.

To combat thirst homemade lemonade is the best option.
Photo: archive of the press services of the restaurant "Broder"


Currant is considered a natural antipyretic agent. It helps to reduce the temperature naturally without stress for the body. The benefits of currants also include a decrease in blood sugar levels, tonic effect and strengthening of the immune system. By the way, not only berries, but also leaves of a plant possess useful properties.

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