Gifts for a wedding

“We are waiting for you at our wedding!” - every one of us received such an invitation at least once in our life. Of course, first of all we are happy for the newlyweds and look forward to the onset of the “cherished” wedding date. However, after the turbulent enthusiasm to the fore an important question: "What to give to the wedding?".


Many will prefer to put a smart envelope "nennuyu" amount, giving young people to dispose of the gift of a gift. Parents and other relatives of the newlyweds may, as a wedding gift, present expensive household appliances, as well as donate a car or an apartment.

In any case, the choice of a wedding gift to the newlyweds requires an individual and responsible approach. It should take into account important factors: the enthusiasm of the newlyweds, their place of residence after the wedding, immediate needs. For example, if young people plan to settle in the parents' house, then, most likely, they will not need all the necessary household appliances.But with a separate stay the newlyweds will even come in handy with a new chandelier, microwave, or fashionable furniture set.

In a young family, the addition of the family is expected soon? Perhaps the best gift for the wedding will be a cot, a semi-annual set of diapers or a chic children's costume. In general, in each case, the wedding gift should be thought out, and not purchased at its discretion or momentary impulse. Who knows, suddenly your donated multicooker has already been “duplicated” by the bridesmaid or the aunt of the groom. Therefore, it is worthwhile to clarify such points in advance in order to avoid such incidents.

By the way, abroad, a similar problem has long been solved quite simply. The newlyweds themselves make a list of the necessary gifts, and the guests agree between themselves - who and what will give.

Ideas for gifts for a wedding

So you were invited to the wedding? We start choosing a gift for the newlyweds.



The most versatile and practical gift. The advantage of a cash gift is a partial reimbursement of the financial expenses of the newlyweds. As an option, donated money becomes a part of the cost of any large purchase that a young person needs.

However, many donors face difficulties in calculating the amount - does it seem sufficient for a wedding gift? And if the donated amount is considered too "modest"? Here you should also think things through.

Washing machine

Such a gift to the newlyweds will come in handy - especially the amount of washing increases with the birth of children. Of course, the washing machine-machine makes life easier for the young wife, and therefore, frees up more time for the family.



Many would agree that the car is too expensive a gift that not everyone can “master.” However, a few close relatives of young people may well “throw off” on a new car, or even get a loan for the purchase and pay it off by common forces. Of course, before making such a “large-sized” purchase, the newlyweds should be informed.


In most modern apartments there is a TV not only in every room, but also in the kitchen. In fact, for many TV viewing is the most affordable means of recreation. Therefore, the presentation of a wedding gift in the form of a modern LCD-TV or an elegant plasma panel will be useful.When choosing a model, you should consider the size of the diagonal, as well as the location of the future installation of the TV.


As a rule, a good roomy fridge is not cheap. As a wedding gift, you can give it, “cooperating” with other relatives or close friends of the newlyweds. The choice of model should be based on the quality of materials and volume. After all, after a while, the number of family members may increase and in a small refrigerator there will immediately appear a “shortage” of free shelves - in particular, for a lot of small bottles with baby food.

Double bed


Luxurious and "immense" bed - the dream of many couples. It is known that healthy sleep and proper rest depend on the comfort of the bed. Therefore, when choosing a bed as a gift for the wedding should be preferred natural quality materials. For example, a wooden bed on a metal frame, complete with an orthopedic mattress. However, before ordering a bed, it is necessary to determine its design.


This modern version is truly universal.The sliding wardrobe perfectly will approach the most different rooms in the house - in a bedroom, a drawing room or a hall. The main advantage of this furniture is that a huge amount of household items are placed in its “bowels”. At the same time mirrors inserted into the doors of the closet, visually increase the space of the room. In a word, such a gift “2 in 1” will perfectly fit into any home interior. Of course, such a wedding gift can hardly be called a "surprise" for the newlyweds - when buying and installing a wardrobe, you should first make the necessary measurements.

Gift to the bridegroom from the bride for the wedding

Presentation of gifts to newlyweds is an old wedding tradition. However, on this solemn day, young people also present original gifts to each other. So, what gift will the bride make for the bridegroom?

Green Gift


An original gift for a wedding can be a green houseplant, symbolizing a green wedding - the “starting point” of the joint life of a young family. For this purpose, perfect green dwarf bonsai tree or any other perennial plant.

Double love symbol

Figurine in the form of a pair of pigeons,swans or even a picture of a wolf with a she-wolf (symbol of loyalty and love) - find out what else does feng shui recommend? Paired cups (with photos of the bride and groom), key rings with names, chains with paired pendants in the form of halves of the heart are suitable as a pair present. As an option - a certificate for joint visits to massage, extreme driving lessons or dolphinarium.

DIY wedding gift

A gift made with one's own hand was always highly appreciated. This may be a knitted sweater or scarf, decorative pillow with the initials of the groom. An unusual wedding gift from the bride to the bridegroom will be poems of his own composition (dedicated to the beloved one), a beautiful romantic song or a declaration of love in the form of audio recordings.



If finances allow, the bride can give the groom any personal gold or silver jewelry - cufflinks, chain, bracelet, signet. The personality and originality of such a wedding gift will give a touching inscription engraving with a short wish.

Wedding gifts for the bride from the groom

Wedding exchange of gifts occurs at the request of the newlyweds.What can the groom give his beloved on such a remarkable day? Let's study the basic ideas.

Natural fur coat

Every woman loves furs. This gift is designed for long wear, so its choice should be taken as responsibly as possible. Before you go to the fur salon, it is better to browse the catalog of fur coats with your future wife. In this case, you will know exactly which model she will like and will act further.


Jewelry made of gold or silver does not lose its relevance. In order not to be mistaken with a gift, the newlyweds can go together to the jewelry salon, where the bride will make the choice of jewelry to your liking.

Active gift for the wedding

The groom can arrange for the bride a romantic pastime - a balloon flight, riding on a yacht or horses, scuba diving into the depths of the sea, visiting historical sites. Such an original wedding gift will not only pleasantly surprise the bride, but also leave a lot of wonderful memories for a long time.

Song or dance


The groom can demonstrate his creativity to his beloved by performing a beautiful romantic song. Or as an option - an incendiary dance performed by the groom and "dancers" in the face of friends. Such surprises will bring a lot of fun minutes, not only to the bride, but also to wedding guests. And if you capture the dance number on video, then you will be able to admire such a gift from the groom for an infinitely long time.

Wedding gifts: what to remember?

  • No need to peredarivat things previously donated to you that you do not use. So instead of getting a box with a “on-duty” tea service from the depths of the cabinet, pick up the gift that is really needed by the newlyweds.
  • Expensive - not a prerequisite for a wedding gift. It is important that the gift was entertaining and interesting for the "heroes" of the celebration.
  • Before giving a gift at a wedding, do not forget to remove the price tag. But the check is better not to throw away - who knows, maybe the product will have to be returned for repair.

What to give to the wedding? Using our ideas of wedding gifts, you can choose an original present that will bring positive emotions to the newlyweds.And to the gift, add the kindest and sincere wishes.

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