Glasses case with embroidery "BlueWhirl"

Glasses case with embroidery "Blue Vortex"- glasses case made by own hands in soft blue colors.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. white beads;
  3. light blue fabric 20x30cm;
  4. light blue polka dot fabric 12x21cm;
  5. medium blue polka dot fabric 12x21 cm;
  6. white rep ribbon 40cm.


Step 1

Cut the embroidered canvas to size 12x21 cm. Then cut the three pieces of fabric and one piece of felted cloth in the same way.

Fold the two remaining fabric parts together with the front sides inward, putting a ribbon of 20 cm between them. Top, put the felted cloth and sew all layers only along the upper edge.

Fold a piece of fabric face-to-face to the canvas with embroidery, stitch the top edge, inserting a tape of 20 cm between them.

Remove both parts and pin them together, aligning the seams in the center.Sew around the outer edge, leaving a hole in the lining for turning. Remove the product, sew the hole with a secret seam.

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