Good morning, kids, or Sergey Shnurov now sings for children

Stepashka, Khryusha, Karkusha and Co. will now wake up under a vigorous roar ... Sergei Shnurov:

Morning is very cool
You want - sing, you want - dance
All routes are open to you
Good morning, kids!

The leader of the group "Leningrad" recorded a song for the new program "Good morning, kids" from the creators of the program "Good Night, Kids", which will be released on the channel "Carousel". He posted the screensaver on his @shnurovs page, signing: “In principle, I always wrote songs for children, only already big and drunk. Good morning! ”For a couple of hours, the video gathered over 200 thousand likes, but the opinions in the comments were divided. Some were against: "I would not like to hear this morning," "Why vulgarize childhood?", "Songs for big and drunk are better, I think." Others, on the contrary, supported the initiative: “I feel as if the wolf from“ Well, wait a minute! ” sings! Class! ”,“ I'll set the alarm clock ”,“ Dynamic! Morning charge! ”,“ Will there be a version without censorship? ”

Do you like it?

In principle, I always wrote songs for children, only big and drunk. Good morning!

Video posted by Shnurov Sergey (@shnurovs)Aug 26 2016 at 3:17 PDT

Met with idols. Stepashka sewed a new, and Khryusha the same, real from my childhood.

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