Gray is the current trend this year (14 photos)

Gray color always causes conflicting feelings: on the one hand, it is so cozy, homely and balanced, and on the other, cold, boring and inexpressive, it is very easy to turn into a gray mouse and merge with asphalt.

According to psychologists, the shades of gray in clothing are chosen by those who want to isolate themselves from the surrounding people, an excellent opportunity to maintain neutrality. Not without reason, during the Soviet era, the fashion for gray was active, which symbolized the modesty and "average" of citizens.

Many believe that it lacks saturation and, so to speak, gloss, however, most shades of gray almost never go out of style and are often used by fashion designers to create luxurious collections.

Let's try to look at this color differently, because it really deserves your attention. Clothes of gray color - it is always easy to combine and combine with other shades,At the moment - this is one of the most versatile and fashionable shades that fits any appearance and looks great on both blondes and brunettes.

Let us tell you a secret: a color that has many shades and variations can be boring only if it is wrong to wear and combine with other elements of clothing.

What can you wear with gray things in order to get a harmonious and elegant look, which definitely will not be ignored? Try bright shades that are well softened due to gray tones, the result is a very soft, beautiful and lightweight image.

This season, fashionable designers, as if by unwritten agreement, have released collections that are literally overflowing with cool grayish clothes with futuristic and voluminous elements. So, with great confidence it can be argued that such shades in clothes are another trend of the 2015 season!

You will remain in a double win if you are able to combine the fashion for volume knitwear and “mouse” tones. For example, if you choose a sweater or sweater, then, let it be done with a massive knit, the same goes for dresses or cardigans.

What else do we know about gray?

Did you know that using it is easy to hide figure flaws? If you are tired of the neutral black color, then replace it with gray, believe me, your image will only benefit from this and acquire new, lighter and weightless notes.

This color is a real classic in business and office ensembles, firstly, it does not rush the eye, and secondly, again it is universal and quite easily combined with any blouse, shoes and other accessories.

And it is also considered that such a color expresses calmness, dignity, restraint, intelligence and practicality, therefore, if you need to make an impression on someone, he will play you only at hand!

It should be noted that gray has many shades: sky-gray, “mouse”, coal-gray, almost black, pearl-black and so on. Each shade, to a greater extent, is able to emphasize a certain type of appearance, for example, light and warmer tones are closer to the color-type "spring" or "summer," and coal tones are "winter" or "autumn."

The appearance of grayish clothing will vary greatly, depending on the fabric used. For example, in the Renaissance, the nobles in Florence preferred precisely gray brocade or velvet, which looked rich and profitable against the background of other shades.

What to combine in clothes?

In the modern world, this is exactly the shade that can be used in almost any situation - from everyday and office bows to romantic, evening and vintage sets.

Gray is a great option for the base, it is easy to include it in almost any ensemble, regardless of the season or occasion. If you have long kept a pair of bright shoes or an unusual belt that you don’t know with what to combine properly, so as not to look too defiant, rather go for a gray dress or jacket.

The combination of “mouse” shades with bright and accessories helps to concisely emphasize accents, and your favorite accessories will play on its background with new colors. A big plus of this shade is the possibility of combining it with bold elements of the wardrobe, which as a result leads to the construction of interesting and stylish images.

For example, a combination of a modest gray sweater with a bright leather skirt will surely emphasize your individuality, but at the same time, you will not look vulgar or defiant, as it could be with a black sweater and the same skirt.

A color scheme

As we already said, due to its neutrality, shades of gray are easily combined and in harmony with other colors, we will give you several successful and profitable options.

  • Gray + black. The perfect combination for those who love rigor and conciseness, fits well with everyday and office bows. Usually, coats, cardigans, jackets or leather jackets are used in such colors. A great combination for those who prefer the style of rock and its branches in clothes, a short dress of “graphite” color and black leather leather jacket, black voluminous tunic and gray leggings and so on look good.
  • Gray + white. It is also an excellent option for office everyday life, but with one difference: this combination refreshes the face well, especially if white tone will be used in the upper part of the attire. Successful combinations: a white blouse and a gray pencil skirt, a denim gray skirt and a white T-shirt and so on.
  • Gray + blue. Balanced and calm set. A gray dress with a blue stole or blue costume jewelry, or a gray office suit and a soft blue blouse will look good.
  • Gray + red.A win-win for those who like to place bright accents. It assumes the formation of a daring and even sexual image, which involves attention not only to clothing, but also to high-quality make-up, hair and accessories.
  • Gray + pink. A harmonious combination for romantic and dreamy persons, the result is very delicate and feminine images.

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