Guide for sex in unexpected places

Open any life-affirming review in the spirit of "30 things that need to be done before 30 years" or "100 actions that you need to decide at least once," and you will find there a point that you always flipped through with a sly smile, but did not think it over - namely sex in an unexpected place. This occupation, like sex itself, is forever overgrown with fictions and lies: those who have never had sex in unexpected places lie that they have never even thought about this, and those who have done it - and often lie that they have never been noticed. Neither one nor the other in nature simply can not exist: if you like sex, then once you really caught yourself thinking that it would be great for them to do on the beach or in the elevator, and if you have tried various places, then for sure at least once fell into an awkward position because they were caught red-handed. We are unlikely to be able to help you with the second item, because cool places for sex are usually well guarded, but on the first item, we will still try to inspire you and gather in this review applicable ideas of sex in unusual places and incredible situations. .By the way, we set ourselves the goal of combining both frankly summer options that will require good weather, and all-season options, which can be resorted to when the soul (or something below) wishes.

At the cinema

Guide for sex in unexpected places

How to prepare:choose a movie that few people go to and avoid rush hours at the cinema, which usually happens on weekends and on weekdays.

What position to use: a woman is on top of a partner sitting in a chair, and you can choose whether to be with his back or face depending on whether the film is interesting, as well as all types of oral sex, when one of the partners just sits and pretends to be an ordinary viewer.

What to consider: the fact that the cinema worker, who is projecting the film, is right above the last row, so you shouldn’t get settled in front of his nose, but rather choose the lateral last rows or the space between the rows on the floor.

At the music festival

Guide for sex in unexpected places

How to prepare:grab a blanket or even a few blankets with you to organize yourself a cozy corner somewhere between the trees (most festivals are held in parks) or in the relaxation zone.The best time for the “maneuver” will be the performance of the headliner of the festival, when all and sundry rush to the stage and the number of onlookers on both sides decreases.

What position to use: “Spoons”, or both of you are lying on your side, the girl has her back to the guy, as if you are not having sex, but just watch TV in bed.

What to consider: do not drink too much before the forced march, otherwise you will definitely be caught as schoolchildren in the country who first went over vodka.

In the parking lot

Guide for sex in unexpected places

How to prepare:choose the most crowded cars on the parking lot, and not a deserted corner, where no one thought to stop. A guard or some curious psycho would rather pay attention to a lonely car, in which someone moves, than to the dense rows of identical cars.

What position to use: completely decompose the front passenger seat and lie on it so that the upper part of the trunk is in the back seat, and the man is on top, or occupy the rear seat and lift the legs on both front seats, representing an almost acrobatic triangle.

What to consider: use the damper on the windows or at least on the windshield,be careful with the handbrake and do not try to have sex in the parking lot of "Auchan" on Saturday or Sunday evening.

On the beach

Guide for sex in unexpected places

How to prepare:After all, vacation will ever happen, which means it will have to be used to its fullest. If you plan to do it right on the sand under the sound of the waves, then choose not the sunset, but the dawn, when there are fewer people on the beach, and the rescuers have not yet entered the service.

What position to use: if the beach is deserted, then any position in which you will feel comfortable will do, and if you are not alone on the beach, you can try a sitting position face to face and with your knees bent, which from the distance seems like ordinary sweet tenderness.

What to consider: take a towel with you or something to lay on so that the sand does not get on the most strategically important parts of the body and does not turn sex into torture.

In the toilet bar or club

Guide for sex in unexpected places

How to prepare:mainly, find out if the number of toilets corresponds to the number of people who want to, and do not take the time to occupy a single booth, otherwise you will be lodged with a complaint. A booth for people with disabilities will suit even more than usual, because it is more spacious and does not know how to break it.

What position to use: one in which only one person’s legs would be on the floor so that they would not suspect you, simply by looking into the stall below. Standard variants of the knee-elbow posture with a man behind and variations on this theme fit perfectly.

What to consider: the men's toilet is more suitable for sex, no matter how the girls complain about the smell, because the groans in the men's room at the bar are more normal than in the women's room, and the solidarity team from the neighboring booths is unlikely to immediately run to report on what's going on.

In the back of a taxi

Guide for sex in unexpected places

How to prepare:sounds like a desperately crazy act, but, incidentally, sex itself in unexpected places is not a trip to the library on a Sunday morning. To begin, dress strictly and seriously, but at the same time make sure that access to the most important parts of the body is carried out easily. In other words, underwear can be left at home, and wear a dress instead of pants.

What position to use: if it is impossible to isolate oneself from a taxi driver with a screen, then it is better not to take risks and concentrate on caressing hands, and upon arrival at the destination continue the sex games further.

What to consider: the driver can call the police or simply get enviously angry, so if you decide to carry out your plans, then pay him for the road ahead and a little more than necessary.

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