Hair care after perm


If society determines the social status of a man according to shoes and watches, then in the appearance of a girl, an integrated approach to creating a visual image is important. An integral part of female attractiveness are hair, which allows you to emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws in appearance. However, only a few of the fair sex can boast with chic curly locks. Most women are dissatisfied with their strands, because native hairs are pushed, become brittle, and the tips split. Such phenomena cause a variety of negative thoughts in the subconscious, which often result in the emergence of intrapersonal conflict. The girl does not receive satisfaction from her visual appearance, so it’s not necessary to talk about self-sufficiency and self-confidence. It is not surprising that over time there are problems at work and in relationships with the opposite sex.

Hair care after perm

In the XXI century in beauty salons, various services are provided, allowing you to painlessly improve your visual appearance. Creating hairstyles and performing lamination, dyeing natural strands and lightening native curls are just some of the sought-after procedures for a target audience. A special place in the list of popular services is the chemical wave of hair, which makes it possible to translate into reality the cherished dreams of girls. However, this procedure significantly damages the structure of the native curls, so before visiting a qualified hairdresser, you need to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the scale of the problems that arise after the perm.

To achieve the desired result, always trim the ends of the strands before a perm. To ensure the elasticity of the curls made.

The main types of perm

It is of paramount importance to study varieties of perm hair, which differ in the way the service is provided, the technique of performing the procedure and the composition of the materials used:

Carving is a method of curling, which is carried out by the master in the basal region of hair, giving the curl airiness and lightness.
Alkaline wave - of the above methods, this method is deservedly considered the most gentle and safe. However, a short term of fixing the coils (up to three months) becomes a characteristic drawback of such a cosmetic procedure.
Acid perm - the creation of a volumetric hairstyle is carried out by means of a special chemical solution with abrasive substances, allowing to achieve an increased level of fixation of the strands.

In order for the cosmetic procedure to be successful, it is important to take a responsible approach to choosing a hairdresser who will provide a specialized service. A qualified master will, first of all, undertake to diagnose your curls, determining the type of hair and the extent of damage to the structure of the strands. After the preparatory stage, the specialist will be able to properly carry out their work. A professional is distinguished by foresight, because he will surely ask the client a question about the care products for curls that the visitor regularly uses. A certified master invariably checks the reaction of the strands on a perm procedure by doing trial work on one curl.It is important to note that before rendering such a service, a haircut becomes an obligatory step, after which the level of efficiency and the duration of the forthcoming transformation will increase. After the procedure, a professional will always advise you, talking about complex hair care after perm.

Hair care after perm

Recommendations for hair care after "chemistry"

If you responsibly choose a master who will perform the chemical perm, then you will not have to worry about the results of a specialized service. Initially, a qualified hairdresser will always inform you about the rules of care for the hair done for 3-4 days to ensure the duration of fixation of the resulting curls. The master will inform the client that it is forbidden to lay curls in the specified time period using irons, curling irons, hair dryers and other similar equipment. It is strictly impossible to wash my hair these days, so as not to reduce to zero the efforts of the professional. Another important recommendation is the taboo on the use of hair curlers. Common advice from certified and experienced craftsmen performing the perm curling procedure:

Professional cosmetic masks are recommended to be used only after 4 shampoos in order not to worsen the level of fixation of twisted curls;
properly wash your hair;
a perm dries her curls heavily, so everyday care for damaged hair must necessarily involve the use of moisturizing masks and nourishing applications;
Avoid exposure to sunlight strands, because ultraviolet negatively affects the condition of hair;
after a perm, no curls should be dyed for 2 weeks to restore the damaged structure of the follicles and the stem of the strands;
gum and hairpins, with the help of which girls gather curls in the "tail", weaken the level of elasticity and fixation of the curls made
moisturizing hair is the main task of a woman who decided to visit a beauty salon to receive such a service;
after a chemical wave, there is a risk of the appearance of a section at the ends of the curls, so it is preferable to shear them after a short period of time after the completion of the profile procedure.

Hair care after perm

Regular use of hair conditioners, nourishing masks and other cosmetics is an effective way to fix the desired hairstyle for 2-3 months, without seriously injuring your own hair. However, some girls are not only interested in the issue of caring for the strands after perm. For women, the problem of excessive resilience made turns becomes urgent. To correct the work of the master, you can use bread broth, which you cook, following the following sequence of actions - pour boiled water over the sliced ​​rye bread; leave the mass to ferment for 5–6 hours; wash your hair before the procedure; rinse for 3-4 days in this broth your curls to loosen the locks to the desired level of elasticity.

Masks for hair after a chemical wave

In the care of hair damaged after a chemical wave, the developers of cosmetology products offer the target audience a radically new solution to the problem - cysteine ​​restoration of the curls. This procedure allows for a relatively short period of time to return the strands elasticity, density and rich tone. Cysteine ​​is an amino acid that is present in complex proteins.With the help of such a biologically active element, girls painlessly cope with the consequences of “chemistry”. Cysteine ​​treatment is a unique technique based on restoring the structure of the curl from the inside.

However, you can achieve the desired result without visiting beauty salons, laying out impressive financial resources for the services of a qualified cosmetologist. It is possible to create nutritious masks and wellness applications for hair damaged by chemical perm at home. The main thing is to know the right combination of ingredients and the phased preparation of useful rinses. The most popular among the girls, faced with a similar problem, were the following masks:

Honey-mustard mask.

To improve the structure of damaged hair, an application based on the following ingredients that need to be mixed in equal amounts - liquid honey, brandy, one egg yolk and burdock oil - is optimally suited. Apply the resulting consistency along the entire length of the curls, leaving the hair under a plastic cap for 3-4 hours. Only after the allotted time has elapsed can you wash off the nourishing mask with"Soft" shampoo, which contains a slight concentration of alkali.

Bread application.

You can prepare a nourishing hair mask after a perm by using rye bread, herbal infusion and ampoule vitamins (A, B and E). First of all, you need to finely chop the crust of black bread, adding in them a pharmacy chamomile and nettle. Pour the mixture with boiling water, leaving it for 30 minutes in a cool place. After the allotted time, strain the resulting substance by means of an ordinary sieve, placing in a lot of vitamins in ampoules. After 15 minutes, evenly distribute the mixture over the entire length of the hair, washing it off after 1.5 hours using a “soft” shampoo with a minimum content of alkalis.

Oil mask

The recommended recipe, which helps to improve the structure of damaged hair, involves mixing in equal amounts the following ingredients - liquid honey, castor oil and aloe juice. Such a mask can strengthen the texture of the scalp, endowing curls with strength and brilliance. Prepared infusion gently soak the hair, wiping part of the consistency in the scalp. After 30 minutes, rinse the nourishing mask with a previously prepared decoction of nettle (chamomile).

Hair care after perm

Yeast application.

For the manufacture of the following mask, which helps to restore shine and vitality to hair after a perm, you need the following components, which need to be mixed in equal proportions with 5 grams of yeast - castor oil, heavy cream, 2 egg yolks (one tablespoon of each ingredient). Bring the mass to a warm state using a water bath, and rub the resulting mixture into the roots of the curls. After half an hour you can wash off the useful application with shampoo and herbal decoction, consisting of chamomile or nettle.

Mask based on essential oils.

After a chemical wave it is important to regularly moisturize the hair to strengthen the damaged structure of the trunk part of the curls. An irreplaceable recipe in an attempt to improve the quality of the strands is the combination of vegetable oil and ethers "Ylang-Ylang", "Patchouli". The above components should be mixed in equal quantities, rubbed into the skin of the head and massaged over the entire length of the hair. Rinse the applied consistency preferably after 1.5 hours, using a decoction of herbs.

Rinse from burdock root.

Preparing such a "drug" will help you minimize the scale of deterioration of hair after a perm. To prevent the appearance of global problems with damaged strands, rinse the curls regularly with the following decoction - chop the burdock roots (2 tablespoons), pouring the main ingredient with 250 ml of boiling water. After 30 minutes, remove the consistency in a cool place, cooling the prepared substance. Rinse aid is recommended to use when washing your head, concluding with a similar action water procedure.

Mask based on vodka.

The notorious Russian drink is consumed not only at the holiday table - “fiery” water is suitable for hair care after curling. To make a vodka based mask, you need 20 ml of the main ingredient, one teaspoon of lemon juice and chicken yolk. Ingredients must be thoroughly whipped until smooth. After carrying out the preparatory procedures, you need to rub the consistency into the roots of the hair. It is recommended to wash off the nourishing mask in 30–40 minutes.

It is important to regularly and consistently care for damaged curling curls to extend the period of fixation of curls and restore the structure of the strands.

Mouthwash from castorca ether.

To prepare such a decoction, which girls can use as a conditioner for curls, you need the following ingredients - liquid honey, castor oil and onion juice. The above components must be mixed in equal proportions and applied using a soft comb along the entire length of the strands. After 40 minutes, rinse the texture from the curls with a decoction of pharmacy chamomile to eliminate the smell of onion juice. A simple procedure helps to strengthen the hair, giving shine and shine to elasticity.

Hair care after perm

To feel self-confident, it is important for girls to look spectacular and attractive. You will be able to achieve the desired result by improving your visual appearance in accordance with your personal preferences, if you carefully consider the “design” of a new image, which will be an integral part of volumetric curls.

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