Purple wedding hand-made envelopes

The most fashionable color in 2016 is purple or lavender. He is not just beautiful, but also very gentle, and it blows from him with warmth, summer and good mood. Well, of course, if the color is fashionable this season, then every bride girl tries to see her wedding in this fashionable and delicate color. Every detail, from wedding invitations, and ending with the design of a wedding banquet. You can only imagine for a moment how it will be easy, gentle and romantic. All the invited guests already know in advance what colors the wedding will be in, this is evident from the wedding invitations, so the guests respond to the newlyweds in return and give presents also in lilac-lavender flowers. At weddings, it is generally accepted to congratulate the newlywed with money, so for money you can make in these colors a beautiful envelope for handmade money. This informative article with a master class,in which we will now just consider making two envelopes for money. Let's start and take it for production: • Two rectangles of watercolor paper 20 * 30 cm; • Two sheets of paper for scrapbooking in lilac colors, size 30 * 30 cm; • Pictures with newlyweds; • Cutting out of paper: lilac, mint and light-lilac leaves, two large lilac hearts, two sets of glasses and a bottle of champagne, flags of lilac; • Stamped inscription "Happy Wedding Day", wa also a pillow with ink of the same color; • White cloth flowers ; • Paper hydrangea flowers; • Roses purple and white on a fabric ribbon; • White ribbon with pompos; • Purple lace; • Pearl beads (half-beads); • • White ribbon satin 20 mm wide and lighter; • Puncher, scissors, adhesive tape double-sided, glue stick, ruler, thermo gun, simple pencil.
 Handmade purple wedding envelopes
Put both watercolor rectangles horizontally and divide each into segments 10, 5 * 10.5 * 8.5 cmHeight is also 20 cm.
 Purple wedding envelopes handmade
 Handmade Lilac Wedding Envelopes
We make bends and add two bases for envelopes.  Lilac Wedding Envelopes Manual th work  Lilac handmade wedding envelopes The inner sides are slightly smaller so that it is easier invest.
Purple wedding envelopes handmade
 Lilac handmade wedding envelopes Cut off the white ribbon four pieces, two for each envelope. We glue on the cut off front and back of each envelope base.
 Purple wedding envelopes handmade
 Purple wedding envelopes handmade
Now from the scrap paper we cut out two rectangles 10 * 19.5 cm and one 8, 5 * 19.5 cm. There remain at the bottom of the stripes, which punch, we will glue them on the front. Purple wedding envelopes handmade
 Lilac handmade wedding envelopes
Inside we stick at once to the workpiece and from behind.
 Purple wedding envelopes handmade
Purple handmade wedding envelopes On the front cc pxy sticking strips. We cut out inscriptions and images, we tint them.
 Purple Wedding Envelopes Handmade
Handmade Lilac Wedding Envelopes Sticking and stitching pictures with inscriptions.Now we glue the hollow big hearts so that the pictures are inside.
 Lilac handmade wedding envelopes
Sticking and front blanks to the basics and sew them. We sew the back and the inside together, it turns out the envelope is sewn.

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