Happiness is easy

Think what happiness means to you. To achieve this state, you need to know exactly what to strive for. Remember the circumstances under which you felt like an infinitely happy person. What did you do at that moment, what kind of people were next to you?
Remember, being happy is your choice. And for this you need to get rid of all that makes you unhappy. In your life there should be no place for anger, irritation, envy, hatred, anger. Erase from your life all who cause these negative feelings in you. This will help make room for positive emotions.
Communicate only with those who really give these positive emotions. Children and pets will give you a whirlwind of unforgettable impressions. They never mislead, and you will feel that such communication makes you truly happy.
Happiness is a relative concept. If an elderly person tells you that he has lived the happiest life, believe me,that not all the days were filled with absolute happiness. But judging as a whole, the life of this person, for sure, for the most part, brought happy moments.
Happiness is much more acute if you know the other side of the coin. But it’s better to do something stupid and regret it than all your life thinking about the fact that you have deprived yourself of the opportunity to become a little happier and have not done what could bring you closer to your cherished goal.

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