Harvey Weinstein considers himself the Messiah

Today, a source close to Harvey Weinstein said that he calls himself "the messiah," and the reason why he allowed a sexual scandal to happen is related to his mission to "save the world". “He considers himself a martyr who suffered in the name of social change, and tells about it to those friends who are ready to listen to him,” the source added. The representative of the producer has already commented on this statement, calling it "absurd." Well, perhaps, not only Weinstein’s reputation, but also his ability to soberly assess the situation, suffered from the incident - in any case, it is difficult to take his words seriously.

We remind you that now Harvey Weinstein, co-founder of the film companies Miramax and The Weinstein Company, is in one of the rehabilitation centers in Arizona, where he is being treated for sexual addiction. A couple of days ago, Asia Argento posted a twitter on her record, which is updated every few hours - a list with the names of actresses, screenwriters, costumers and make-up artists who have ever been harassed and raped by Harvey Weinstein. At the moment it reaches 93 points.“We, the victims, will make this list complete,” added Asia Argento.

Here's the list of 93 women who were sexually assaulted by#HarveyWeinstein.14 ​​rapes as of today. Compile this listpic.twitter.com/d2ohrgYy9e

- Asia Argento (@AsiaArgento)October 30, 2017

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