Here are some tips for cleaning that are passed down from generation to generation

Cleaning and creating a cosiness in the house can take a lot of time and effort. The secrets of how to facilitate the work and cope with individual operations, passed down from generation to generation. But do not be upset if you did not get some secrets from your mother or grandmother. To learn useful is never too late.

Easy way to clean the grinder

Do not wash the metal part of the grinder. Instead, pour a handful of rice into it and run one cycle of work. Remove the residue of rice flour with a dry cloth.

Toothpaste for cleaning jewelry

The ring does not have to be given to professional cleaning, ordinary toothpaste will help you. Apply it on products and polish with a brush. Use white paste without color additives.

Make a trap for the midges

In the summer, the blackflies occupy the kitchen, and the traces of their presence can be washed endlessly.Make a trap from a bowl filled with apple cider vinegar or cider, with the addition of a tablespoon of sugar. Cover the bowl with foil, in which small holes should be punctured. Moss will get trapped and stay in it.

Olive oil for leather furniture

Over time, leather cracks may appear. Apply olive oil to them with a cotton pad. It will put the furniture in order and protect it from drying out.

Lemon juice for the shower door

Fill a spray bottle with lemon juice and apply on a glass surface. This procedure will prevent the appearance of stains from water.

Clean the bath with grapefruit

Cut the fruit in half and dip into a plate with shallow salt. Brush the stains on the bathroom as if with a sponge. For the same purpose, you can use half a lemon.

Mask the cracks with wax crayons.

If defects have appeared on the wooden floor, pick up the wax crayon to match the color of the coating. Melt it with a hair dryer and use as putty.

Activated Carbon Refresh Fridge

Even if you always have only fresh food in your refrigerator, unpleasant smells sometimes appear in the enclosed space.Place a small cup of crushed activated carbon in the chamber. Another excellent tool is an old newspaper, folded in several layers.

Alcoselzer for cleaning the sink

The acid contained in these tablets dissolve grease on the surface of the pipe and help to cope with clogging.

Wash jars and bottles with mustard

Dissolve the mustard spoon in warm water and rinse the jar with the mixture. The tool will help get rid of unwanted smell.

Get rid of the unpleasant odor in the closet

Cut the onion into two halves and place in an open container. Put an improvised freshener in your closet. After some time you will forget about the unpleasant smell. Another excellent absorbent is plain chalk. Place a few pieces in the closet, but make sure that the air freshener does not come into contact with clothing.

Apply vanilla extract to light bulbs.

Every time you turn on the light, a pleasant smell will appear in the room. You can use your favorite perfume. The method is also suitable for energy-saving lamps, since they also heat up a little.

Use flour to remove stains

If you inadvertently spill something on a hard-to-clean surface, fill the stain with flour. It will prevent the dirt from getting into the wood fibers.Easily remove the resulting mixture with a napkin.

Freshen the toilet with rinse aid

If you do not like too aggressive chemical odors in the toilet, pour lotion for rinsing the mouth into the bowl. It will kill the bacteria, leaving a pleasant fresh scent.

Keep sponges in salt water

Sponge for washing dishes should be changed at least once every two weeks. But harmful bacteria can form on them and faster. Periodically lower the sponge into the brine container. You can also do with textile mops.

Beer for polishing furniture

Make a polishing agent from a liter of beer, a tablespoon of sugar and two spoons of beeswax. Bring the mixture to a boil and apply on a wooden furniture with a soft sponge.

Clean mirrors and windows with tea solution

Brew 3 bags of black tea in two glasses of hot water. You can even boil a little solution. Allow the tea to cool completely, pour into a spray gun and apply to the glass. Tannins will dissolve dirt and windows will be crystal clear.

Throw a dish of a lemon to the dishwasher

Do not throw away the squeezed lemon, if you only needed juice.Put a slice on the dishwasher grate to dispense with rinse aid and give the dishes a pleasant smell.

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