Holidays for February 23

Holidays are there to remember once more about the past, about events that have become our reality. Despite the fact that we are accustomed to have fun and celebrate memorable dates in the spirit of celebration, their symbolic value is not lost, especially if we talk about such a holiday as Defender of the Fatherland Day. Many are already wondering how we rest on February 23, 2016 in Russia.

Holidays for February 23

history of the holiday

The prerequisites for the appearance of the memorable date were the events in November 1917. While the First World War lasted, a protest of the Bolsheviks against the internal politics of Soviet power broke out in Russia. Against the backdrop of the imminent danger from the outside, internal conflicts have destroyed the cohesion of society.

Holidays for February 23

It was then that the Soviet government decided to take urgent measures: to proclaim February 23 the Day of the Red Army and to urge people to come to the defense of the state. The people accepted the initiative of the government, new battalions began to form, which with new forces stood up against an external enemy.

The weekend of February 23 was not established immediately.Nevertheless, this significant date still remained in the memory of people, which was fixed later at the state level.

How do we rest in 2016?

Since the Day of the Russian Defender of the Fatherland is a public holiday, it is governed by the law. So this year the weekend on February 23, 2016 will continue for four days for the reason that the day falls on weekdays - Tuesday. Thus, it was decided to start celebrating on Saturday, February 20, inclusive of Monday.

How to celebrate the weekend on February 23?

Defender of the Fatherland Day is celebrated with dignity and fun. The fair sex congratulate their fathers, companions, friends, colleagues with their day. This celebration symbolizes masculine strength, devotion and unshakable loyalty to duty - the protection of their homeland.

Since we already know how many days rest on February 23, 2016, then it makes sense to plan a good, long weekend to properly celebrate the holiday. Options can be very much. Of course, this day is to congratulate all those close and dear to you people, and also welcome to organize a festive event, corporate party, family dinner, a small trip or other kind of rest.

Holidays for February 23

February 23 as a rest and what to give?

You can not imagine this celebration without gifts.Since we are resting on February 23, 2016 for a long time, the perpetrators should definitely pay attention - to make a nice gift, surprise, to offer an interesting trip or a hike to some event. The gift should be chosen depending on the level of the relationship. As a rule, we rest on February 23 and March 8 in 2016 in a similar format.

So colleagues at work can make a collective gift and congratulations. Father will appreciate a useful and memorable gift, closely related to his army past. You can invite a loved one to a restaurant or prepare a gala dinner.

What format of the celebration for 2016 you wouldn’t choose, be sure to celebrate February 23 and be proud of such significant events in Russian history and its main characters - our men.

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