Homemade bounty

Surely everyone saw the ad for a delicious bounty bar on TV. Today, store shelves are inundated with these sweets, but if we consider their shelf life, it is easy to understand that they are full of preservatives and other chemical components. In addition, it is not clear what is in these candies, and in fact often such sweets are bought for children. I suggest cooking delicious chocolates at home. Only in this way they will be fresh, without preservatives, and also from natural products. For making sweets you need: - coconut chips; - condensed milk; - chocolate.
For making candy you need
1. For the preparation of 10 pieces of candy, I use 2 packs of coconut chips 40 g each, 100 g of chocolate for the glaze. First you need to pour all the chips into a deep bowl.
 empty all the chips
2. Condensed milk is used as a binding component. It must be added gradually to the chips and immediately stir with a spoon.I will not tell you the exact amount of condensed milk, as I added it gradually until the mass of the desired consistency was obtained.
 condensed milk is used
3. As a result, all the chips must be coated with condensed milk and the resulting mass should be well clinging to the hands. To form a candy, you should use a teaspoonful of mass and sculpt balls or oblong flagella with your hands.
 candy formation
4. Cover a parchment or other flat surface with parchment. Spread prepared balls from coconut mass to parchment, you can use a cutting board instead of a baking sheet. The main thing is that this surface can be placed in the freezer. Prepared sweets put in the freezer for half an hour. 5. In the meantime, prepare the glaze to envelop the sweets. To do this, break the chocolate into small pieces, put a bowl of chocolate in a steam bath and melt to a liquid state.
icing for wrapping sweets

6.Take out the cooled candies, put one candy on a fork, and pour chocolate on all sides with a teaspoon of candy. Condensed milk cooled and sweets hardened, so they do not crumble. After that, hold the candy a little on the fork, so that the excess chocolate stacks.
 candy enveloping icing
7. Put the candies on the parchment again and refrigerate for 15 minutes to freeze the chocolate.
 candies in the glaze
8. You can serve sweets for tea or coffee.
 Home bounty
 Homemade bounty

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