Honey immediately in banks? Brilliant solution for those who decide to take up bees

It will take plywood, the banks themselves and a little perseverance. Brilliant and simple design that will save a lot of time.

What will you need?

  • Plywood sheet (10–15 mm thick).
  • 12 cans of the same size (800–1000 ml)
  • Screws of medium size
  • Screwdriver and screwdriver
  • Wood stain (dark)
  • Fret saw
  • Pencil
  • Ruler


Before you make a hive, prepare the necessary tools. Take a sheet of plywood. Pencil note 12 points at equal distance. We deviate 10 cm from each edge. You should get the same marking as in the figure. Points can be more or less (depending on the diameter of the cans).

Jigsaw and cut out round holes at the intersection of lines. Banks should fit tightly into them.

On the perimeter of the plywood we fix the frame of the slats with screws.
You should also strengthen the hive with slats from the inside, so that the structure does not sag under the weight of honey.

Hive box located at the bottom. Attach frames for honeycombs.Next, cover the design with a sheet with holes for cans. Do not forget to put a special grid so that the uterus does not “fill” the larvae with one of the cans.

We open the construction of the stain and install the banks.

The hive is ready! And if you still put ready-made honeycombs in the new house, the bees will put the honey directly into the banks.

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