Horrible hairstyle has aged her for 20 years. Hairdresser conjured - and the woman was transformed!

Veteran American Army Belita Edwards dreamed of being transformed. Spoiled, dry, paint-dyed hair aged her at 20 years. “I have low self-esteem because I do not care about my hair,” she admitted in an interview. “But I want to look good.”

The woman hoped that the transformation will give her strength and confidence. She also wanted to prove to her children what she cares for herself and can look good. Such hopes led her into the hands of a team of experts led by Paul Mitchell.

He and his colleagues are free to mow and paint veterans of the US Army, as well as low-income citizens. Belite was cut and straightened her hair, and also made a magnificent highlighting, so that the woman immediately began to look tens of years younger.

Bravo to the professionals! Belita blossomed before our eyes.And with a suitable make-up and without glasses, it looks like a sweetie. After such a transformation, even her own children did not recognize the woman.

“I like my hair, I like the color and the styling,” Belita commented on her appearance glowing with happiness.

So the change of image can affect the internal state of a person.

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