Hotels offer a wedding night like Harry and Megan

It is curious that almost all the places were dismantled on the very first day ...

Did you read the story of Prince Harry and Megan? Or shake the air, and at the same time use your friends as a waistcoat, that the Cinderella story didn't happen to you?

Then right now grab the hand of your MCH and rush to London. British hotels offer to literally experience the first night of the prince and bride, and at the same time live a few days on a royal scale.

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The special program with the mark “VIP only” is called: “Royal weekend”.

“Numerous hotels in Windsor and London have developed special packages for those who would like to celebrate their wedding, so there are many opportunities to celebrate this event,” said Kate Nichols, executive director of the hotel and restaurant business association UK Hospitality.

Prices are different, as are the offers. For example, the Hotel Café Royal on Regent Street in London offers not only to spend a first night in an apartment like a newlywed bedroom,but also to take a trip to places memorable for Harry and Megan.

No, you do not think, in Africa, where the first meeting of lovers took place, you will not be sent ... But in places of London meetings, Harry and the bride will spend, and also organize a rest in the spa center with a royal scale ...

A wedding package that includes three days of luxurious relaxation will result in a lot of money for those who wish ... Prices start at £ 2,000, which translates to more than 160,000 rubles. And this, for a minute, still without tickets.

However, there is an economical variant. All students who came to London to spend on memorable places of lovers are ready and local students for only £ 20, and you can feel your involvement in the wedding, looking at one of the many cafes where the live broadcast of the ceremony will be organized.

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