"House of Cards": 8 secrets of a successful marriage Claire Underwood

In the fifth season of the political series “House of Cards”, Frank and Claire Underwood, despite periodic frustrations, are a demonstration of the saying “Husband and wife are one Satan”. Marriage status of the American couple for almost three decades. What is it holding? Mostly on the fragile shoulders of an intelligent woman Claire Underwood. What is her secret?

Always be in shape

Claire Underwood - the embodiment of style. In each season of the series, he is adjusted, but Claire always looks perfect. And when he holds the Bible during Frank's inaugurations, and when he leaves him, both for a run and in bed with his lovers.

The image of Claire Underwood was so suitable for the wife of the president that he is often repeated by the spouse of the current US president Melania Trump.

Be calm and sweet no matter what

Claire Underwood is not hysterical, never. We have not seen her clarifying the relationship and beating the dishes.And if in the first seasons Claire gives up the slack and sometimes tears, in the fifth season she is restrained and cold, like a marble statue. She no longer bring to the emotions, she became too strong.

And when Frank Underwood comes into the bedroom, where she is sleeping in the embrace of speechwriter Tom, and when she is informed that in her initials she lacks the two letters “SU”, Claire smiles tenderly and demonstrates perfect restraint.

"House of Cards": 8 secrets of a successful marriage Claire Underwood

Consider the success of your husband as your personal business.

For Claire, the success of Frank Underwood is her own success. Yes, she had to sacrifice much, but these sacrifices paid off handsomely. Yes, Claire has her own far-reaching plans (in the fifth season, these plans will come true in full), but she is one of those who know: the ideal relationship is when both look not at each other, but in the same direction.

Remember the rituals, keep up the traditions

Claire and Frank often turn to the past, recalling the times of their youth. Claire reminds her husband of what qualities he loved for him, and this makes him stronger. In rituals, traditions, pleasant memories, the Underwood couple draws strength and support.

Take time to be alone with him.

Despite the frantic schedule and high status, which do not give much time to rest, the Underwood couple will always set aside at least a couple of minutes to be with each other.Sometimes a short evening talk with one cigarette for two is enough to recover from a hard day.

"House of Cards": 8 secrets of a successful marriage Claire Underwood

Support and inspire

Claire is a source of energy for Frank Underwood. His approval is important to him, his smile warms him, he bathes in the light of her gray eyes. Even despite the fact that they no longer share the bed, the tenderness in their relationship has not diminished. Claire is always there and ready to give wise advice.

When necessary, step back into the shadow

With all her behavior, Claire emphasizes that Frank's opinion is most important to her and that she supports him in everything. She always gives the first and last word to her husband and correctly keeps a little behind. Yes, for the time being, but after all, in this patience and ability to restrain oneself is a great inner strength. 

Manipulate gently

The main secret of Claire is that she is the neck that controls the head. If in the first seasons, Frank alone seemed to be a monster, now Claire has shown that she can be insidious, tough and domineering. Claire Underwood was able to lay low, wait, make a clever multi-path, and go to the kings.

"House of Cards": 8 secrets of a successful marriage Claire Underwood

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